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Nevada City Film Festival
An Omar Broadway Film
Squamish Mountain Film Festival
3rd Annual Reel Rock Film Tour
20th Century Educational Films
Berkshire Filmmaker Showcase
46th Ann Arbor Film Festival Tour
Documenting Dance: Three Films
Film Kitchen 10th Anniversary
Unessential Cinema from Anthology Film Archives
Kamouflage Films: Evening of Experimental Animations
The Films of Robert Breer 1957-86
3rd Annual 911 Truth Film Festival
Eight Short Films
Films of John Cage and Nam June Paik
32nd Young People's Film & Video Festival
New Filmmakers Presents an Evening of Gay and Lesbian Films
NVIFF: The Non Violence International Film Festival 2008
Oddball Film
Short Films of Nacho Vigalondo
Blue Film Woman
Illinois International Film Festival 2008
Portland Lesbian & Gay Film Festival 2008
Orlando Hispanic Film Festival
Laurel and Hardy Films
Selected Animated Films
The Films of Giedre Beinoriute
National Geographic All Roads Film Festival
High Falls Childrens Short Films
3D Cult Film Series: Parasite
Student Film Workshop
Reel Sisters Film Festival
Jersey Filmmakers of Tomorrow
Deaf and Hard of Hearing Film Series
Paul McCarthy: Film List
Silent Films by Ernst Lubitsch
The New Yorker Film Festival
Snowboard Film Fest
Film Discussion
15 Years of the Chicago Underground Film Festival
An evening With Film Editor Tim Squyres '81
Best of Womyns Short Films
Berks Movie Madness Film Festival
Africa Beyond Film Series
Brooklyn Diesel Film Race
The Alpinist Film Festival
Still Raining, Still Dreaming: Films & Videos by Phil Solomon
Asian Adoptee Film Festival
Short Film Program 4
Rent: Filmed Live on Broadway - Encore
Film Slam 10
Short Film Program 3
Short Film Program 5
The Photograph: The Camera: The Frame: The Film Strip
Global Lens Film Series: The Kite
Alterna Action Snowboard Film
New York Film Festival
The Overspent American: Social Justice Film Series
Shakespeare on Film: A Midsummer Night's Dream
Disability Films
Reel Femme: Short Films by Sandi Somers and Kelly Beaton
International Black Film Festival
New Jersey Film Festival
Denver Underground Film Festival
LaFemme Film Festival
Meet the Filmmaker: Victor Nunez With 'A Flash of Green'
Borderline Cases: Sustainability Film Series
Cineseige 2008: A Showcase of York U Films
Newfilmmakers Screens New Films by Our Celebrated Alumni Roee Rosen and Adrian Belic
The Films of Carolee Schneemann
Third Annual Reel Rock Film Tour
The Films of Mary Ellen Bute
High School Film Competition
All City Youth Film Showcase
A Salute to the National Film Board of Canada
DYS Short Film Festival
San Diego Asian Film Festival Encore
PDXLAFF Latin American Film Festival
Caribbean Cinematic Film Festival
Reel Rock Film Tour 2008
11th Annual ARPA International Film Festival
Found Film Footage Festival 3
Student Film Competition
The Progress of the Storm: The Films of Christina Battle
Newfilmmakers Celebrates Halloween in a Big Way
Films of the Brothers Quay
The Chicago International Film Festival
Palestine Film Festival Fundraiser
Cowtown Film Series
Fearless Filmmakers Presents Horror House
Cult Film Series: Screamtime
15th Annual Texas Filmmakers Showcase
Vermont Mongolian Film Festival
Film Buff
Best Short Films Showcase
Carolee Schneemann: Film & Performance
Eye to Eye: All About German Film ...
Good Vibrations Amateur Erotic Film Festival
Filmslam 11
Annual Indo-American Film Festival
Wild Scenic Film Festival on Tour
Santa Barbara Gay & Lesbian Film Festival
Gadabout Traveling Film Show
11th Annual Rehoboth Beach Indepedent Film Festival
Newfilmmakers Presents Women Filmmakers Night
Goethe-Institut: Revisiting the Films of Alexander Kluge
Newfilmmakers Celebrates the Siberia Bar and the People Who Drank There
Films of Sobhi al-Zobaidi
Outer Ear Festival of Sound: Recent Films by Deborah Stratman
Two-Spirit Film Festival
From the Vaults: Films of the US Army Air Forces First Motion Picture Unit
Nanovic Institute Film Series
Vancouver Serbian Film Festival
Youth Film Showcase - Cultures of Peace
Still to Film: Moving Images by Documentary Photographers
Russian Film Series: The Return
Out of the Past: Film Restoration Today
Can Film Festival
Newfilmmakers Celebrates Black Filmmakers and Actors
CFC Worldwide Short Film Festival
The Presentation Theme: New & Old Films by Jim Trainor
32 Short Films Glenn Gould
31st Starz Denver Film Festival
The Short Films of The Brothers Quay
17th Annual St. Louis International Film Festival
Film Indians Now!
Cape May NJ State Film Festival
Avolon Micro Film Festival
Newfilmmakers Annual Thanksgiving Show
Best of the World Wide Short Film Festival
Three Songs: Recent Films by Nathaniel Dorsky
Surrealism on Film
Anime After Dark Film Festival
Lethal Lesbians 3: Israeli Lesbian Films
AIDS Athens Short Film Festival
The Films of 1908: A Century Ago
Toronto Independent Short Film Stories
17th Annual Brouhaha Film & Video Showcase
Whistler Film Festival
Film Memory and Amnesia
Ann Arbor Film Festival International Tour Program
Newfilmmakers Celebrates the American Family and the Psychic Damage it Causes
Regeneration: New Canadian Short Films
Kurosawa Film Festival
Festival du Film Bresilien de Montreal
The Animated Life: Old and New Films by Jeff Scher
Filmanthropist Project Screening
Newfilmmakers Welcomes Third World New Reel
Two Japanese Films
The Uwe Boll Film Festival
Korean American Filmmakers: An Evening of Shorts
Newfilmmakers Celebrates Creative People
Beverly Hills Hi-Def Film Fest
Newfilmmakers Presents Films About Life in the City
Newasian Filmmakers Returns With a Program of New Asian Films
Newfilmmakers Discovers Sex
Newfilmmakers Looks at the Middle East
Newfilmmakers Examines Relationships
Cosmological Wonderland: The Films of Matthew Silver
Newfilmmakers Celebrates Its Twelfth Year
Tom Verlaine & Jimmy Rip: Music for Experimental Film
Films by Bruce Conner and Tony Conrad
Films by Viking Eggeling and Alberto Cavalcanti
Film 1st
Meet the Critics: The Years 10 Best Films
North Country Film Fest
Short Films by Alex Rivera
Harvesting Justice Film Festival
Newfilmmakers Says Goodbye to President Bush With Three Features
Binational Independent Film Festival
MLK Film Project
Newfilmmakers Celebrates Documentaries
Films of Richard Kern
ND Student Film Festival 2008
Edison Films
Two Films by Carolee Schneemann
Celebrating the Women's Film Preservation Fund
School of Film 2nd Year Screening
Cornell-in-Hollywood Alumni Film Festival
Le festival des films publicitaires 2008
Films of Yuri Norstein: An Animator's Journey
Spark FX 09' Film Festival
The 24th Santa Barbara International Film Festival
Competitor Magazine Film Festival
Newfilmmakers is Giving a Frat Party and You are Invited
Pierre Henry: Un film sur quelqu'un
Marketing & Publicity Seminar: Publicity & Filmmakers
Short Films of Charles Officer
Film Slam 2
The 7 Deadly Sins Film Festival
North Junior High Film Festival
2008 Academy Award Nominated Live Action Short Films
Film Saloon
Dalai Lama Film
2008 Academy Award Nominated Animated Short Films
Cinema of Ruins: The Film Works of Solomon Nagler
Short Films by Bruce Connor
Groundswell Presents:Livetonfilm
Films by Joseph Cornell
The Amazing Underwater Films of Jean Painleve
Third World Newsreel Program 2: New Work From New Filmmakers
Short Film Program 1
Newfilmmakers Goes Back to College
The Moth: Stories From Behind the Scenes of Nonfiction Film
Fava's 16mm Film Class Screening
Ventana Alsur: An Evening of Argentine Experimental Films
The Oscar Nominated Short Films 2009: Documentary
Short Films One
Newfilmmakers Visits the Old Neighborhood
Hudson River Views: Short Films by Peter Hutton
French & Francophone Film Festival
Short Film Program 2
The Florida Experimental Film and Video Festival
Film Poems
Film Strips I
Film Strips II
NYICFF 2009: Short Films One
Steal This Film Parts 1 and 2
Carolina Film and Video Festival
The San Diego Tijuana Dance on Film Festival
UMD Film Festival
AJFF Short Film Program
Newfilmmakers Gets Down and Dirty
Films by David Gatten
NYICFF 2009: Short Films Two
SXSW Film Pass
Electric Film Festival
The 6th Annual Omak Film Festival
Contra Costa International Jewish Film Festival 2009
Visuals: Student & Local Film Festival
Women In Film And Television International Short Film Showcase
Festival of Native Film & Culture
International Women's Day Film Showcase
Magic Lanter Film Series
WLRN Film and Literary Club
Two Films About Fall
Millers Creek Film Festival
Los Angeles Brazilian Film Festival
Hartford Jewish Film Festival
Backseat Film Festival
Bush Bash Film Festival
7 Blind Women Filmmakers
The Film Parade & Vitagraph Treasures
2009 SXSW Film Festival
Saddle up! UT Radio-Television-Film Screenings
Huey: The Evolution of a Maine Filmmaker
Fokus Film Festival
2008 Sundance Short Films
An Evening of the World's Best Short Films: 28th Asbury Shorts
Francofilm Festival
Canada's First Ever Digital 3D Film Festival
Naoyuki Tsuji's Animated Films
Tiburon Film Festival
Spanish Film Series
Sapatq'yan Cinema: Ui Native American Film Festival
Animated Films of Georges Schwizgebel: From Glass to Celluloid
Native American Film & Video Festival
Importance of Music to Film
Golden State Film Festival
Film Festival - Canada
NOSFA Film Festival
Silent and Early Sound Films From the Hearst Metrotone News Collection (1919-30)
On the Nature of Affinities: The Films of Ben Rivers
Jewblatt: A Short Film Series
A World Rattled of Habit: Films by Ben Rivers
168 Film Festival
Turkish Film Festival
Patois 6th New Orleans International Human Rights Film Festival
Xicanindie Film Fest Xi
Lumiere 130 Films
Music Monday: Hubley Films
Experimental Films From Argentina
APA Film Festival
All You Need is Love Rhythm & Blues Film
Getting Exposure: Securing the Buzz You Need for Your Film
24-Hour Film Fest
Short Films by Women Artists
Filmmakers Against Racism
Film 23
Filmmaker Lucien Casting-Taylor
WRLN Film and Literary Club
An Evening With Documentary Filmmaker Vani Subramanian
Reel Venues Film Festival Presents: Double Vision
The Masculinity Film Project
Miami Film School Student Film Screenings
Drawing Out the Demons: A Film About the Artist Attila Richard Lukacs
Stoney Program 2: The Police Films
Elad Lassry: Three Films
The Films of Bruce Conner, Part 1
Sicilian Short Films
Arthur Hiller Film Festival
The Films of Bruce Conner, Part 2
New Filmmaking From Maine
3rd Annual Epidemic Film festival
Kidtoon Films: Comics
Filmslam 4
Harmony Film Festival
Best of Vancouver Mountain Film Festival - Part 1
Earth Day Film Festival
Germany 09: 13 Short Films About the State of the Nation
Filmed by Bike III
Atlanta Film Festival
25th Latino Film Festival
Sharon (Jewish Film Festival)
10th Havana Film Festival
The Best of the Best Student Film Animation
Eye in Motion: Hidden in Plain Sight, and Other Films
Rochester International Film Festival
Reverse Angle: Rebellion of the Filmmakers (2008)
Leo Awards Film Festival 2009
Best Of Vancouver International Mountain Film Festival
Canac Film Festival
Deep Red Film Festival
French Short Film Festival
Alberta French Film Festival
Charleston International Film Festival
6th LA Harbor International Film Festival
BFD Film Fest
25th Annual Pan Africa International Film Festival
Indie Film Festival Shorts 3
Hemia - A Film by Sigur Ros
Emerging Palestinian Filmmakers
Homegrown Film Festival
MJF Film Series: Beauty and the Beast
Satyajit Ray, Filmmaker
International Film Festival for Young People
SFSU Human Rights Film Fest
AJC Seattle Jewish Film Festival
Social Justice Film Festival
Humber College Film Screenings
Columbia University Film Festival Program H
Fanex Files: Hammer Films
Short Circuit Traveling Film Festival
Mayfair Film Program
Greenfield Youth Film Festival
Cinema Cum Laude: Films From CCNY's 2008 Masters Program
Stone Alliance Film Tour
Fashion & Film Event
Mel Hoppenheim School of Cinema Exposed Film Festival
Excerts From Recent Film Works
Deep Red International Festival of Fantastic Films
Films of Barbara Hammer
Short Bicycle Films
PDX Film Festival
Brown Paper Pete Film Festival
Panel: Queer Filmmaking Evolution
2009 Maryland Film Festival
Blind Skateboard Film Premiere
UA Short Fiction & Documentary Films
Rockland Student Film Festival
Rockland Short Film Festival
High Falls Film Festival for Kids
Best of the 2009 Fargo Film Festival
Daniel Conrad: An Evening of Dance Film
Clearing the Air: The Native Truth Film Project
Zompire Film Festival
Filmslam 5
The Berkshire International Film Festival
Local Film Premiers
Goethe German Film Series
Eric Clapton and Steve Winwood Concert Film
818 Film Fest
2009 Diamond Screen Film Festival
15th Annual Harrisburg Jewish Film Festival
24th Annual Buffalo International Jewish Film Festival
Reel Youth Film Festival
Cold Cinema: Films by Liz Wendelbo
Delray Beach Film Festival
Fairytails Film Fest
La Semaine du Film Turc de Montreal
International Social Action Film Fest
Gulf Islands Film and Television Festival
Anti-Corporate Film Festival
Muskegon Film Festival
Filmed by Bike 2008
World Premiere of Local Film: Zombie Movie
Four Rare Short Films by Jean Painleve
William Kline Short Film Program
PUC Student Film Festival
Protest Films of the 60's
Films by Man Ray
Leland High School Film Festival
Film Kitchen Contest Screening
Dreams Deferred Sakia Gunn Film Project
Films by Joseph Cornell & Co.
Festival Du Film Israelin de Montreal
Playboy Jazz on Film
Mountain Bike Film Festival
The Best of the 35th Northwest Film & Video Festival
Student Thesis Films
Artist Member Films
NFB World Refugee Day Films
Beyond the Sublime: Selected Film Works of Chris Welsby
Thesis Films
Operation Filmmaker
Israel Film Festival
Nantucket Film Festival
28th Annual Black Maria Film & Video Festival
Pink Film Program 1
People's Park and Other Protest Films on 60's
3rd Annual Boulder Bike Shorts Film Festival
Hola Mexican Film Festival
75th Anniversary Noontime Film Series
Los Angeles Film Festival
Denver French Film Festival
LA Film Festival
Vintage Bicycle Film Fest
Glitter Rock Documentary Film
Sled Island Short Films
Parkdale Film Festival
3rd Annual Toronto 24 Hour Film Race
In & Out of Fashion: The Films of William Klein
Richard Avedon Film Series: Program 1
Fourth of July Film Orgy
Collection of Short Animated Films by John & Faith Hubley
Film Slam 6
Richard Avedon Film Series: Program 2
Sri Lankan Film
Best Dramatic Short Films 2009
Best Spanish Short Films 2009
Best Comedic Short Films 2009
Film & The Folk/Punk Connection
Hannah Montana: Le film (2009)
African Operation Imani Film Fundraiser
Long Island Comedy Film Festival
Richard Avedon Film Series: Program 3
Early Films by Robert Frank
Best of Imaginative Film Festival
48 Hour New Hampshire Film Project
Films About Growing Up
NYICFF Party Mix and Kids World Film Festival
Ethiopian Film 522
14th Annual Bicknell International Film Festival
Boston Film Race 2009
Ma'aleh Film School 20th Anniversary
Independent Features Film Festival
Transworld & the Source Skateboard Film Premiere
Women in Film
Ann Arbor Film Festival Shorts Program
Curator's Choice: Ann Arbors Film Festival: Shorts Program
Fringe Actors Film Festival Shorts
The Oxford International Film Festival
Reel Native Short Films
Richard Avedon Film Series Program 5
Roxbury Film Festival Short Films
Visual Liberation Films
Richard Avedon Film Series Program 4
International Television Film Festival
Rare Films by Jerry Jofen
Jewish Film Festival 2009
Glen Gould on Film
Rhode Island International Film Festival
An Evening of Silent Film
Neighborhood Studios Showcase: Eye on Film
The Last Horror Film
Occupied Territories, the Space Race, and the Public Domain: 3 Short Films
Art Film
Skateboard Film Festival
Sus Monts Skateboard Film
14th Annual North Carolina Gay & Lesbian Film Festival
Lecture 5: French Minorities on Film
The Films of Robin Griswold
The Movie Film Festival
48 Hour Film Festival Orlando
Richard Avedon Film Series Program 7
48 Hour Film Project Orlando
The 4/20 Film Festival
Experimental Animations by Colin V. Barton and Other West Coast Filmmakers
Vancouver Queer Film Festival 2009
Out on Screen Film Festival
Red Nation, Native American Film Festival
International Kids Film Festival
Right to the City Film Series
Black August Film Series
Maya Independent Film Series
Moxie Film Festival
Black Film Festival
Beyond ESPN: An Offbeat Look at the Sports Film
Country Rap Tunes: A Dirty South Film Festival
New Filmmakers Celebrates Filmmaking and Acting
Short Film Brigade
Lansing Fall Film Festival
Women & Film: Playground
Filming Desire
Claes Oldenburg Happening Films
New Mexico Film Museum Showcase
Fly Films - SIFF 2009
Live Earth Film Festival
Ansel Adams: A Documentary Film
Le Festival des Films du Monde
Next Generation of German Film
New Filmmakers Annual 9/11 Series
Labor Film Series: Chisholm '72 Unbought and Unbossed
Film Slam 9
Cinema Femina Film Series
Climate Change is Coming to Town Film Festival
Film on Film: Films About Filmmaking
2nd Annual Myanmar Film Festival
Maine Short Films
Animated Films of Naoyuki Tsuji
Cinemental: Slippery Mess: Short Films and Videos
New Filmmakers Presents a Doc Night
New Mexico Retrospective Film Program
Howl Film Festival
An Evening With Filmmakers Josh Weissbach and Ben Balcom
Wine Country Film Festival
Filmanthropy Festival
Works in Progress With the Jacksonville Film Festival
Look Through the Window the Films of Chris Kennedy
Tom Palazzolo Presents 60s Protest Films
French Short Films
Art Institute of CA, SF Animation Films
How to Talk Back to Your TV Set: Films That Challenge the Boob Tube
If One Thing Matters: A Film About Wolfgang Tillmans
New Mexico Film Expo
Manahattan Short Film Festival
The 2009 Manhattan Short Film Festival
Chicago United Film Festival 2009
2009 Fantastic Film Badges
A Short Film About Letting Go
Mary Pickford: A Life on Film
Idaho Film Festival
Irish Short Films
Palestine Film Festival
Good Vibrations' 2009 IXFF Indie Erotic Film Festival
Idaho International Film Festival
29th Atlantic Film Festival
Modesto Reel Food Film Festival
33rd Young People's Film & Video Festival
Fourth Annual Reel Rock Film Tour
Port Townsend Film Festival
Handmade Nation Best of the Documentary Film Festival
Films of Hisham M. Bizri
Montana Independent Film Festival
Brief Eternity Bay Area Student Film Festival 2009
Alice Guy Blache Film Score Project
Films by Bruce Baillie
International Polar Year Film Festival
New Filmmakers Series
Tribeca Film Festival Kobe Doing Work
Toronto Palestine Film Festival
Sound Unseen Film Festival
French Film (2009)
MILW Film Festival 2009
10th Annual Calgary International Film Festival
Film and Television Forum and New Film Makers Day
Providence Latin Film Festival
4th Annual Project Twenty1 Film Festival
Screenpeace Film Festival: Cry Freedom
Short for Stories Film Festival for Families
Calgary Independent Filmmakers Night
Watch Horror Films, Keep America Strong: A Journey Into Creature Features
Surreal to Reel Paris on Film
Luminous Being: The Films of Joost Rekveld
Heap Us Round Our Ruins: An Interstate Film Circuit
9th Annual Shortfilm Festival
Out on Film Atlanta
The 47th New York Film Festival
Book of Mirrors: Films by Joost Rekveld
The Films of Robert Beavers
Portland Lesbian & Gay Film Festival 2009
Reel Rock Film Tour 2009
India Films: The Naked Eye
2009 Sal Film Festival Screening
Citywide Film Showcase
Pittsburgh Filmmakers Open Screening
Hamptons Film Fest
The Coney Island Amateur Psychoanalytic Society: Dream Films 1926-1972
Film Slam X
Short Films by Pawel Wojtasik
Spike Jonze: Award-Winning Music Videos, Short Films, and Commercials Part 2
2nd Annual Philadelphia Asian American Film Festival
Karate Film Cafe
Tribeca Film Festival My Dear Enemy
Imagine Native Film and Media Arts Festival Opening Night
Shapeshifter: Films and Video by Michelle Handelman
Dance for the Camera: Making Dance for the Stage and for Film
Southern Circuit Filmmaker Tour
Online New England Film Festival
Up Close and Personal: Iranian Filmmakers in Their Own Words
Ken Jacobs Short Films
Viva Cinema Latino Film Festival
International Horror & Sci-fi Film Festival
Darryl's Hard Liquor and Porn Film Festival
Queer Black Cinema International Film & Music Festival
Black Winter Snowboard Film
32nd Mill Valley Film Festival
Spike Jonze: Award-Winning Music Videos and Short Films Part 1
Cinemaayat Arab Film Fest
1st Annual Autumn Harvest Short Film Festival
Trichromie Film Program
Food for Thought Film Series
Filmed in Philly
Green Film Festival
2009 Seattle Lesbian and Gay Film Festival
Columbia Film Festival
Art Film Matinees
Cuba Film Festival
Peace Train: The Final Film of the Classic Concert Series
Clyde Snowboard Films
Bow Cycle Mountain Bike Film
2009 FLIFF High School Film Competition
Boston Bike Film Festival
Afro-Mexican Film Series
Locally Made Short Horror Films
Grindhouse Movie Trailer Massacre: A 48 Hour Film Challenge!
Damians Student Film Exhibition
All Souls International Film Festival
Pink Cinema Revolution Radical Films of Koji Wakamatsu
Boston Palestine Film Festival: Curfew
The Boston Palestine Film Festival: Laila's Birthday
Short Films of the !Kung Bushmen
Zombie Short Film Festival
Short Films From the Pittsburg Police
Brief Recollections: Films by Ute Aurand
The New Flaneurs: Film Program and Panel
Latino Film Festival 2009
Afflicted States: Films by Stephen Connolly
2009 AFI Film Festival
Northhampton Independent Film Festival
Vancouver Asian Film Festival
The Virginia Film Festival
Screenpeace Student Film Festival
THAFF - Toronto Hispano-American Film Festival
Film Slam XI
Light Matters: Short Films by Joost Rekveld
Seventh Annual 3rd I San Francisco International South Asian Film Festival
San Diego Italian Film Festival Gala
Cult Film Series: Ape 3D
Russian Film Festival
United Nations Association Traveling Film Festival
4th Annual Black Film Festival
Prescription Drug Abuse and Overdose Films
The Three-Cornered World: Films by Hannes Schüpbach
Toronto Reel Asian International Film Festival
Boulder Adventure Film Festival
The 2009 Wild and Scenic Film Festival
An Evening of Buster Keaton Short Films
Miaac Film Festival 09
26th Annual Olympia Film Festival
3rd Annual Vancouver Serbian Filmfest
Closing Night Gala: Reel Asian Film Festival
Sikh Art & Film Festival
Africa Short Film Program
Southern Circuit Film Tour
West and East a Film Translation
Mobifest Mobile Film Festival
The World Wide Short Film Festival 2009
Short Film Montage
Look for Me: Animated Films by Laura Heit
3rd Chinese American Film Festival
New Orleans Middle East Film Festival
32nd Starz Denver Film Festival
Short Film Workshop With Ric Beairsto
Miami Short Film Festival Best of the Festival
Short Film Series
Hearts on Fire: Best Short Films 2009
The Navajo Film Themselves
Best of Worldwide Shorts Film Fest
Short Short Film Festival
Canadian Labour International Film Festival
Kuzweken Film Festival
A Century Ago: The Films of 1909
Postwar Japanese Films
A Century Ago: The First Films of Mary Pickford
Zero Film Festival Tour
New Nippon: Contemporary Film and Video From Japan
Santa Fe Film Festival
2009 European Union Film Festival
6th Annual Artivist Film Festival
PB Film School
18th Annual Brouhaha Film & Video Showcase
Films of 1909 a Century Ago
SJ Short Film Festival
West Indian Film Series Three Short Films
Zero Film Festival '09
BANFF Mountain Film Festival 2009
Short Films: Jazz Ladies
Film 1st 1-6
Film 1st 7-12
New Orleans Bicycle Film Festival
Photonola Film Night
The Short Films of Osamu Tezuka
Twisted Shorts Holiday Film Festival
Short Films by Alain Resnais
Student Films 2
Kids Fun Film Day
Walking in the Dark: A Short Film Fundraiser
San Francisco Silent Film Festival Winter Event
Human Rights Series Presents: Film Tribute to the Young Lords & Panther 21
Food and Film Presents Sideways Feast
Burrowing Inward: Short Films by Jacques Drouin and Guy Maddin
Solar San Antonio Environmental Film Series
The Anchorage International Film Festival Best of the Fest
Sundance Film Festival Short Film Collection 2009
ICA Films on Art: Program 4
Short Films From Pixar
Short Film Countdown
ICA Films on Art: Program 1
ICA Films on Art: Program 2
Wild Goose Collective New Year's Festival & Short Film Revue
Short Films by Artur Zmijewski
Ottawa Film Society
Short Films From Sundance
En Rappel, Les Films de Don Hertzfeldt
Film Slam 1
Foreign Film Series: Necessities of Life
National Film Registry Spotlight
In Mel We Trust Winter Film Series
Films of Chopin Competition
Short Films About Dance
Tim Burton Winter Film Series
Documentaries in Bloom: New Films Presented by Livia Bloom
Mexican Film Classics
15th Annual Cucalorus Film Festival
Wild at Heart: The Films of Nettie Wild
Highlights From the Nederlands Filmmuseum Collection
Short Films by Inaki Onate
Medical Film Symposium
21st Annual Notre Dame Student Film Festival
The Films of Shana Moulton
Director Guild of America Best Film Nominee Screenings
Ace Spotlight Film: Best / Worst Movie-Troll 2
West Indian Film Series: Forward & Scoundrel
Margaret Mead Film Festival
The Coney Island Amateur Psychoanalytic Society Dream Films
Iranian Film Festival 2010
Ace Spotlight Film
Drop Your Shorts Film Submissions
Sparx FX Film Festival
Black History in Film Festival 2010
Jump Film Society's Film Festival
Films From Jim Finn
New Filmmakers Presents a Horror Double Feature
The World Viewed: The Films of Chris Kennedy
A Film by Steve James
Student Film Screenings
Shuswap International Film Festival
The Art of Film: Avant-Garde, Independent, and Experimental Films From the Archives
Sacramento Jewish Film Festival - Camera Obscura
Sacramento Jewish Film Festival - A Matter of Size
Sacramento Jewish Film Festival - Max Minsky and Me
Sacramento Jewish Film Festival - Yoo-Hoo, Mrs. Goldberg
Boston Society of Film Critics Awards & Screening
The Thing - Digital Film Festival
The Princess Bride - Digital Film Festival
The Silence of the Lambs - Digital Film Festival
The Shining - Digital Film Festival
Labyrinth - Digital Film Festival
Terminator 2: Judgment Day - Digital Film Festival
The Wizard Of Oz - Digital Film Festival
West Indian Film Series: Float and Eleutheran Adventure
Ocean Film Festival
Close Encounters of the Third Kind - Digital Film Festival
The Godfather, Part II - Digital Film Festival
The Godfather - Digital Film Festival
Millénium le film (suédois avec s.t.f.) (2009)
Millénium le film (v.f.) (2009)
A Cool Man Short Films by Alfred Leslie
Die Hard - Digital Film Festival
Amadeus - Digital Film Festival
Speed - Digital Film Festival
Contemporary African Dance on Film
The Shawshank Redemption - Digital Film Festival
Dr. No - Digital Film Festival
Star Trek II: The Wrath Of Khan - Digital Film Festival
Selections From the Human Rights Watch Film Festival: 8th Edition
25th Annual Santa Barbara International Film Festival
Frank Film
80's Film Festival
Agnes Varda: Short Films
Love Letters and Live Wires: England's GPO Film Unit in the 1930's
Newfilmmakers Presents Girls Night Out
A Golden Age: Short Films by Alfred Leslie
2009 Les Lutins Short Film Showcase
75 Years in the Dark: A Partial History of Film at SFMOMA
Kids First! Film Club
African Film Festival
Films by Adele Friedman
William and Mary's Global Film Festival 2010: Film & Music
The 4th Annual New Mexico Italian Film Festival
2010 United States Super 8 Film & Digital Video Festival
For the Love of It: Seventh Annual Festival of Amateur Filmmaking
Film Slam II
Black Films of Aldo Tambellini
Views From the Human Side: Student Films From the US & Israel
Community and Collaborative Filmmaking: Chang, Johnson, Lockhart and Simms
Newfilmmakers Screens Brooklyn Filmmakers
The Oscar Nominated Short Films 2009
Film About a Woman Who...
Nollywood Film Festival
Contra Costa International Jewish Film Festival 2010
Banff Mountain Film Festival World Tour 2009
Kimuak: Short Films From Spain
Yellow Springs Short Film Festival
Free Film Discussion the Critics Pick Their Oscar Favorites
Hitler, un film d'Allemagne
Historic Film Series
2010 Providence French Film Festival
72 Hour Mind to Film Shorts
Newfilmmakers Presents Joseph Christiana's Motel Americana
Cinergie 2010 Francophone Film Festival
Cinequest: San Jose Film Festival
Knickerbocker Film Festival
Women Avant-Garde Filmmakers
West Indian Film Series: Combing Through the Roots of Black Hair
Cinequest: S.J. Film Fest
18th Annual $100 Film Festival
Cinema and Light: Film Performances by Alex Mackenzie and Heidi Phillips
Best of the Orphan Film Symposium
Newfilmmakers Hosts Our Middle East and New Latino Groups
Film and Photo League Program
Asian-American Film Festival
Time and Essence: The Preserved Films of Coleen Fitzgibbon
Nykino and American Documentary Film in the Thirties Program
Frontier Films Program
Fleshed Out Films by UC Berkeley Students
Farm Film Feast
Tibetan Film Festival
Film Slam III
New Films by Lynne Sachs
MIFF: Experimental 1: Sixpack Films Americas
New Films by Lumiere Brothers
Elaine Comegys Black Film Festival What's Race Got to Do With It
Steve Brown Short Films
Making It Home Film Festival
Highlights From the Arab Film Fest
Festival des Films Publicitaires 2009
14th Annual Hartford Jewish Film Festival
Le Festival de Films sur les Droits se la Personne de Montreal 5 Edition
19th Women's Film Festival
Film Fest Highlights
Festival des Films sur les Droits de la Personne de Montreal
Lunch Films
International Surrealist Film Festival 2010
Alberta Student Film Festival 2010
The Reel Jesus Film Festival
Spotlight on Emerging Filmmakers
Newfilmmakers Presents Christian Sex Night and an Inside View on Those Megachurches
BANFF Mountain Film Festival Tour
Festival International du film sur l'art
Films From New York's Vault
Facebook Film
Red Grooms: Early Films
Female Eye Film Festival
Reel Teal Film Festival
Hawk-In: 24 Hour Film Marathon
Emerging Filmmakers Showcase
Films by Wiley and Friends
Newfilmmakers Sports Night With Synchronized Swimming and Classic Motorcycles
Luna Film Festival
Lets Get Outta Here Film Tour
Reel Jazz Film Series
Women's International Film Festival
Luc Tuymans: Early Film Excerpts
Boston Film Race 2010
Doc Soup: April Film
On the Third Planet from the Sun:The Films of Pavel Medvedev
2E Edition du Festival de Films de Environnement de Montreal
Best of Ottawa 2009: Award Winning Films From the Ottawa International Animation Festival
Newfilmmakers Presents Films About Human Rights
Dim: Ukrainian Time Machine: Living Films by Naomi Uman
Newfilmmakers Presents Whatever it Takes
Newfilmmakers Presents Films From Israel
Historic Film Series Part 1
Hampshire College Faculty Film Fest
Newfilmmakers Goes to War
Cuba Film Showcase
Historic Film Series Part 2
Found in the Making: Films About Self-Taught Artists
The Indie Filmmaker's Guide to Tax Law, State Rebates and Raising Capital
Newfilmmakers Presents Hey Vinnie
Hedge School Short Film
P10 Film Fiesta
Visionaries: Art on Film
Everything I Tell You Now is True: The Short Films of Emily Wardill
Bombay Mix Bite Size: The Best of Short Films
Fairfax Documentary Film Festival
Toronto Tibet Film Festival: Leaving Fear Behind
Toronto Tibet Film Festival: Women of Tibet - A Quiet Revolution
5th Annual Secret Film Festival
Toronto Silent Film Festival: A Thousand Laughs - The Forgotten Clowns of Silent Comedy
Chopin Experimental Films
Animated Short Films
A Journey Through Spanish Experimental Film
States of Belongings: 10 Short Films by Lynn Sachs
Newfilmmakers Introduces the Royal Flush Festival That Screens Yearly in the East Village
BANFF Mountain Film Festival World Tour 2009-2010
Animation Film Festival Programme 1
AFI Film Festival
The GI Joe Film Festival
Whole Foods Market Film Series
Sacramento International Film Festival
Calgary Underground Film Festival
Indie Grits Film Festival
Man Ray on Film
Africana Film Festival
Canadian Short Film Showcase
Union Express Surf Film
Celluloid Bainbridge Film Festival
Provincial Archives of Alberta's 25th Annual Film Night Full Nelson
Vancouver Festival of Ocean Films
Beyond the Femme Fatale: Women in Film Noir
The Films of Frank Cole
Shall We Dance: Cultural Expression and the Immigrant Experience on Film
Documentaries and Short Films
Saw Video Presents: The Films of Artur Zmijewski
The Films of Simon Galiero
Saskatchenwan Filmpool Premiere Screening
Brooklyn Film Race
Indie Spirit Film Festival
SMFA and Tufts Graduate Student Films
11th Havana Film Festival
A Special Evening of Film and Music
Festival du Film Roumain 2010
Okeedoke Mr. Johnson: The Films of Leon Johnson
2010 Spring Film Festival
Memphis International Film Festival
London Lesbian Film Festival
California Independent Film Festival Series
The Films of Dziga Vertov
Projecting Change Film Festival
Wild and Scenic Enviromental Film Festival
Sato48 Film Challenge
Celestial Navigations: The Short Films of Al Jarnow
2010 Arizona International Film Festival
Penn State SFO Film Festival
Turner Classic Movies Film Festival
PBIFF Feature Films
Thomas Graal's Best Film
Work in Progress Film
Alabama Institute for Deaf and Blind: Four Films About Adjustment and Work
Newfilmmakers Welcomes the University of North Carolina School of the Arts
Love Letters and Live Wires: Highlights From the GPO Film Unit
Millénium le film (2009)
Out In Isreal Film Series
Memory Work: The Films of Cecilia Araneda
SMFA Undergraduate Student Films
Two Short Films by Trevor Anderson
Whole Foods Film Festival
The Uncompromising Revolution: Saul Landau on Film
Angelus Film Series at Notre Dame
New Strand Film Festival
Beverly Hills Hi-Def Film Festival
Birds Short Film Program
Miami Gay and Lesbian Film Festival
Ryerson University Maximum Exposure Film Festival
Nevada City Film Festival Retrospective: Favorite Comedy Shorts
New Films by Chi Jang Yin
Shelley Issacs - Foreign Film
University Filmmakers Organization
Emerging Filmmaker Series
New Latino Filmmakers Celebrates Cinco de Mayo
Brickflix Film Festival
2010 Black Maria Film Festival
USA Film Festival
Filmracing 24 Hour Film Challenge
Films of George Landow
Elizabeth Fry Film Screening
Los Angeles Asian Pacific Film Festival
360 / 365 George Eastman House Film Festival Presents Clouzot's Inferno
Student Film Program
Politics on Film Festival
Dusty Film & Animation Festival
Life and Film
Brian: Reel Indies: Bendfilm
Docs on Nukes: Nuclear Narratives Through the Art of Film
Films of Stan Vanderbeek
Women Stand Up and Shoot: A Comedic Film Competiton
1st Annual Austin Fair Trade Film Festival
Lusher Film Festival
SFCC International Film Festival
DIFF and CIA Film Night Present: Health Freedom Film Night
Fast Film (2005)
Zoom Student Film Festival
Centennial College Film Retrospective
Newfilmmakers Presents a Special Program From Third World Newsreel and Films About Filmmaking
Salvador Dali Surrealism Film Fest
360/365 Film Festival
The 30th Annual SCC Film & Video Festival
15th Annual Flicks Film Festival
Surfshop Short Films
7th Annual Sundog Regional Film Festival
Filmmaker Essentials: Feminist Shorts for Beginners and Intermediates
Filmdayton Festival
UCSC Student Film Showcase
American Indian Film Festival
Les Films du College John Abbott
Concert Film Challenge Screenings
SFCC International Film Festival Presents Water
Science Fiction, Art and Environmental Futures Film Fest
Newfilmmakers Presents Pioneer Feminist Filmmaker Su Friedrich and Then Gets Laid Off
2010 Diamond Film Festival
Academy Award Nominated Short Film Festival
Hope and Freedom Film Festival
Bellingham Children's Film Festival
MF - Ed Ruscha: 16mm Films
A Spring Film Showcase
Cinemania: 48 Hour Film Casting Call
Pepsi Refresh Film Festival: ET: The Extra Terrestrial
Newfilmmakers Starts Thinking About Summer
A BFF 10th Anniversary Pre-Fest Short Film Screening Event
PUC Film Festival
Festival du Film Turc
Scared Straight 3: Vintage Drug, Driving, Stranger-Danger and VD Scare Films
Alabama Institute for Deaf and Blind: Four Films Adjustment and Work
Short Films 1999-2009
Fat Tire Film Fest
St. Helena Family Film Festival
Worldwide Short Film Festival: Award Winners From Around the World
PSSD 3rd Annual Film Festival
The History of 3D Film Festival
Newfilmmakers Goes ``Uptown''
Angelos' Film
Oscar Nominated Short Films 2010
Dances With Film Festival
Dreamspeakers Aboriginal Film Festival: Visions and Dreams
Hola Mexico Film Festival
Gigi Video Film Awards
Foothills Academy Student Film Fest
A Film About Races
Best of the 36th Northwest Film & Video Festival
Fusion Shorts 3 - A Short Film About
Dances With Films Festival Pass
8th Annual Human Rights Watch Film Festival
Burning Man Film Festival
Brooklyn International Film Festival
Pride Week Short Films
Best of Bendfilm Shorts
Champion Fishermen: Films by Jason Halprin and JB Mabe
i48 Short Films
Music for Films
Kayaking Film
1st Annual NYC Revolutionary Latino Film Festival
Pedal With Short Films
Andrew Hull Memorial: His Short Films
Newfilmmakers Presents Walking to Maryland
Free Family Film Fest: Star Wars: Clone Wars
Domitor Conference Presents Early Films From Canadian Libraries and Archives
Onion City Film Festival Opening Night Program
Viewpoint Film Challenge
Environment Week Film Festival
New Jersey International Film Festival Summer 2010
Flashback Sur le Festival International du Film de Montreal
Shower: Foreign Film Series
Newfilmmakers Presents Exit 117
Toronto Film Race
2010 Los Angeles Film Festival
The 8th Annual Chicago African Diaspora Film Festival
1st Annual We Like 'em Short Film Festival
Global Lens Film Festival
The Films of Vsevolod I. Pudovkin
Frameline 34 SF Intl LGBT Film Festival
Films of Robert Nelson and Paul Sharits
48 Hour Film Contest
12th Annual Parkdale Film and Video Showcase
Newfilmmakers GLBT Filmmakers Series Presents a Program of Films Making the Anniversary of Stonewall
Sled Island Film Festival
Memories of Murder - Foreign Film Series
Les Trois Films de la Saga Twilight
Lost Films of Charles Ludlam
Newfilmmakers Goes Over the Line
Australian Film Showcase: Accidents Happen
Como Film Showcase
The Animals Film
Newfilmmakers Presents Films About New York and the Italian Gangster Genre
Newfilmmakers Presents the Summer Shorts Series
Newfilmmakers Presents What's Up Lovely
Newfilmmakers Presents Films About the Dirty Business of Oil Along With Our Summer Shorts Series
Newfilmmakers Presents Last Chance
Newfilmmakers Welcomes the Return of the Asian Filmmakers Series
Newfilmmakers Presents Roman's Bride
The Woman's Film
Newfilmmakers Ends Summer Fest 2010 With Films That Contain Adult Material
Newfilmmakers Ends Summer Fest 2010 With Shows for Everyone
Safdie Short Films
Q Fest Gay and Lesbian Film Festival
5 Dollar Film Fest
The Salvador Dali Film Festival
The Swarm: Film and Art Festival
Cinemania Film Pro Workshop
San Francisco Silent Films Festival
Solar Environmental Film Series
Ethiopian Film - Judgment Day
33rd Asian American International Film Festival
Mosiac Women's Film Project 2.0
Big Business of Short Funny Films
Toronto Singapore Film Festival: 881
Hamburg Film Festival
Luminous Poetics: Three Films by Nathaniel Dorsky
New Filmmakers Animation Series
Boston French Film Festival
St. Louis Filmmakers Showcase
Last Paradise: An Eco Adventure Film 45 Years in the Making
Ethiopian Film - Sakramu
Bob Ray's Down and Dirty Austin Film Tour
Where I'm From Film Contest
Summer of Music: Jazz on Film
NY Film and Video Festival
2010 Film Racing
AFF: Texas Filmmakers Showcase
Drop Your Shorts Short Film Festival Screening
Chicago Underground Film Festival
New York International Latino Film Festival
LA Shorts Film Fest: Program 40
Sesame Street Film Festival
Two Adult Films Playing
Planet Rock: A Hip Hop Film Series
Newfilmmakers Welcomes the British Straight 8 Group
GRFF: Student Films 1
Local Filmmaker Night
GRFF: Student Films 2
Made in Hong Kong Film Festival
Neighborhood Studios: Eye on Video Film Festival
30th Annual San Francisco Jewish American Film Festival
Newfilmmakers Screens Films About Russia and Russian Culture
Local Filmmakers Short Showcase
Disposable Film Fest Opening Night Shorts
GRFF: Student Films 3
GRFF: Student Films 4
Lee Hazlewood Rare Films Bonanza
Colorado Filmmaker Salon
Gay and Lesbian Film Festival
Queer West Film Festival
Myanmar Film Festival Los Angeles 2010
Dressed to the Nines Film Challenge Screenings
Portland Maine Film Festival
Open House - Short Film Showcase (Free)
Skateboard Films
The General - Silent Film w/Live Piano
Dali the Filmmaker
48 Hour Film Project: Best of 2010
Short Films in 3D
The Best of the Portland 48 Hour Film Project
Maya Film Festival
Monthly Austin Film Festival
Short Films From Film as a Subversive Art
What You Got 2009 Film Festival
2010 Silent Film Festival
2010 Summer Film Camp Premiere
Isle of Wight 40th Anniversary Film Festival
Ocean Issues Film Session
Dali: A Passion for Film
1st Annual Los Angeles Skate Film Festival
Visual Liberation Film Festival
Newfilmmakers Presents Films in Its Continuing Series About Native-Americans
Newfilmmakers Gets Ready for the New School Year With Films About Children and Their World
Young Filmmakers Workshop
Bicycle Film Festival 2010
Short Film on a Late WWII Crisis
Austin Gay & Lesbian International Film Festival
Books to Film Shorts
9/11 Truth Film Festival
Danya Hanson: Short Films
Seeking Locations in Palestine for the Film the Gospel According to St. Matthew
Films of Act Up
Newfilmmakers Presents Some Films About Life in New York
5th Annual Reel Rock Film Tour
Chicago United Film Festival 2010
Outflix Film Festival
San Francisco Latino Film Festival
2010 to Indie Film Fest
The Man With the Guitar: Jimi Hendrix Film Festival
Brazil on Tour Film Festival
Film Forum With Mark Forker
New Latino Filmmakers Presents Its Regular Program of Films About Latino Life and Culture
2010 Radical Reels Film Tour
Manifesto Film Festival
Long Island Film Festival
Experimental Films by Sidney Peterson
Snowboard Films
Local Short Films
Sidewalk Film Festival
A Film With Me in It
Irish Film Festival
Young People's Film Festival
Arizona Underground Film Festival
Saskatchewan Films
Conservation and Wildlife Film Festival
Brazilian Film and TV Festival Toronto
Three Films by Lynne Sachs
NYC Children's Short Films Fest
Electric City Film Fest and Expo
Chicago Filmmaker's Student Showcase
Northshore Short Film Festival
Speculative Fiction on Film
The Not Painful Film Festival
What You Got 2010 Film Festival
Charlie Chaplin Film Retrospective
Made in Mass Film Series
Navigating the Film Festival World
Hitler: A Film From Germany
Newfilmmakers Present Gay and Lesbian Films
Radical Light Bay Area Experimental Film and Video 1946-53
Newark Film Festival
Aspen Film Festival
Animation et Films de Genre
VIFF Film and TV Forum
Winnipeg Festival of Film and Video Art
Local / Independent Film Showcase
Camden International Film Festival
South Asian Film Festival Shorts Programme
Hard Four Plus Short Film
Movies Without Borders International Film Festival
Texas Filmmakers for Bill White
Local Sightings Film Festival
Newfilmmakers Starts It Twelfth Fall Season With the SXM Webseries and the New Feature What's Up Lo
Radical Light: Bay Area Experimental Film and Video 1953-60
Filmshift Festival
Tournees Film Festival Bluebeard
7th Annual Homer Documentary Film Festival
Venegret: An Evening of Performance, Film and Art
Bioneers Film Festival
Chase Thompson, a Film by Chase Thompson
Citywide Film School Showcase
Splatterfest Film
Bucks Fever Filmfest 2010
Scary Cow Indie Film Co-op's 12th Film Festival
T'choupi- Le film
Canton Palace Film Festival
Reel Teens Film Festival
Film Pro Shop Workshop
Classic Film Festival
Women Filmmakers Night Curated by Victoria Kereszi and Lili White
Syracuse International Film & Video Festival
Newfilmmakers Welcomes Back Edith Stephen With a Documentary About Greenwich Village Before the Bori
Radical Light: Bay Area Experimental Film and Video 1961-71
The Films of Dean Snider
Films by Coleen Fitzgibbon
Southwest Gay and Lesbian Film Festival
American Experimental Films
Brookings Octoberfest Film Fest
Antimatter Film Festival
Punch Puppet Slam Film Shorts
AFI Latin American Film Festival
IAH Film Festival
The Providence Women's Film Festival
Reel Music Film Series: Tom Ze: Liberated Astronaut
Dividing Road Maps by Time Zones: The Films of Amanda Dawn Christie
IF3 International Freeski Film Festival
Lobotronic Film Show
Family Film Fest
Freshtival Freeski Film Festival
Midwest Ski Film Festival
G.I. Joe Stop Motion Film Festival
Radical Light Bay Area Experimental Film and Video 1969-79
Spooky Movie Film Festival Preview Night
Drop Your Shorts: Short Film Festival
One Piece Film: Strong World (2009)
The Street: A Film With the Homeless
Indie Memphis Film Festival
Taiwan Film Days Monga
Animation Festival: Short Films Competition 1
Animation Festival: Short Films Competition 4
Animation Festival: Short Films Competition 5
Animation Festival: Short Films Competition 3
Animation Festival: Short Films Competition 2
2010 5 Points Horror Film Fest
What a Wonderful World: Seattle Children's Film Festival Kids
Driftless Film Festival
The Orphan Film Project x7
Paul Sharits: Restored Films
Horror Society Film Festival
Puerto Rican Studies Association Film Day
Indie Spirit Film Festival Bloody Good Shots
2010 High School Film Competition Winners
2010 Student Horror Film Festival
New York Women in Film and Television: Mythic Realities: Ann Deborah Levy and Lili White
Sheridan Film Festival
Get Ready for Halloween When New Latino Filmmakers Presents its Annual Program of Latino Horror
Student Experimental Film Festival
Film and Video by Nicky Tavares
Film Ist. a Girl & a Gun
In Between: The Video-Films of Penny McCann
Films of Andreas Hykade
Himalaya Film Festival
2010 Austin Film Festival
Hallucinatory Film Festival
Beverly Hills Film, TV & Media Festival
Rock Climbing Film Fest
The Films of Flaherty and Grierson
3 Day Film Challenge
Who's Calling: A Telephonic Film Orgy
Endure Film and Centerpiece Party
Toronto African Film & Musical Festival
Navajos Film Themselves
South Asian International Film Festival
Short Films by Roman Polanski
Newfilmmakers Presents Joey Huertas's Homewrecka and Films About Our Mental State
Silicon Valley Jewish Film Fest
Third I Film Festival Opening Night
National Film Board of Canada Unit B
25th Israel Film Festival
Civil Status: The Films of Alina Rudnitskaya
lst Festival du Film Minier
Northwest Film & Video Festival Shorts 1
Northwest Film & Video Festival Shorts 2
Northwest Film & Video Festival Shorts 3
Giraf Animation Film Festival
New Media Film Festival
Playing in the Dark: Glenn Ligon Presents Thomas Edison Films
Vancouver Asian Film Festival 2010
Hartford International Film Festival
Women's Film Preservation Fun Program 2
5th Annual Black Film Festival
34th Young People's Film Festival: Teen Division
The Films of Rick Hancox
The Art of Short Film 1
The Art of Short Film 2
Skate Film
Orphan Film Symposium
Roman Polanski Short Films
Jewish Arts & Film Festival
The Boston Jewish Film Festival: Room and a Half
Newfilmmakers Presents Author and Activist Linda Mill's Wiedersehen: 'til We Meet Again and a Perfor
Boston Jewish Film Festival
Patagonia Wild and Scenic Environmental Film Festival
Cucalorus Film Festival
MSP Asian Film Festival
Wild Rose Independent Film Festival
Films of 1910: A Century Ago
Aviation Film Festival
Asian Film Festival
Youth Film Screening
Korean Film Festival
Ola Film Festival
Reeling: The Chicago Lesbian & Gay Film Festival
Boston Asian American Film Festival Shorts Program
16mm Shorts From the 48th Annual Ann Arbor Film Festival
The Autumn Harvest Film Festival
Vancouver Serbian Film Festival 2010
Tuli Kupferberg, Fug on Film: Program 1
Tuli Kupferberg, Fug on Film: Program 2
Films of Warren Miller
Radical Light: Bay Area Experimental Film and Video 1980-1989
Goethe-Institut German Film Series: Gravity
9 by 10 Short Films
Hand Painted Films of Stan Brakhage
Worldwide Short Film Festival 2010
Living Outside the Lines: A Film Festival About Disability
Newfilmmakers Celebrates Film and Television, Actors, Directors -- You Know Who You Are
Films of Minda Martin
Burundi Film Center 2010 Premiere
PR Queer Filmfest
Selections from the Toronto International Film Festival's 10th Wavelengths Programme - Boston Premie
The Films of Robert Banks & Bruce Checefsky
New Serbian Film Festival
The Lost Film
Ekran 2010 Polish Film Festival
Films of Frank Cole and Korbett Matthews
Testing Screens: Films by Chris Gehman
BFP Film Festival
Title Designs in Film With Peter Lucas
27th Annual Olympia Film Festival
Film Challenge Screenings
Newfilmmakers Middle East Filmmakers Nights
Chris Alexander's Film School Confidential
Naked Frames Film Fest
Maple Flavour Films
Winnipeg Aboriginal Film Festival
Newfilmmakers Introduces Its Short Short Program
New York Women in Film and Television Screening Series
Stan Brakhage: Films From 1994-2002
Super 8 Short Film Festival
Short Films by, for, About Women
Making the Lost and Unmade: The Films Bruce Checefsky
Cortometraggi: 3 Short Italian Films
Zero Film Festival 2010
Activists Film Festival
Brouhaha Film & Video Showcase
Northshore Shorts Film Festival
Goeth-Institut German Film Series: My Words, My Lies, My Love
Indian Film: Reddy
The 4th Annual New Orleans Middle East Film Festival
The German Film Musical Before and After 1933
North Bend Mountain Amateur Film Challenge Winners
13th Annual European Union Film Festival
3rd Annual Backcountry Film Festival
Historic Films Christmas Spectacular
FSU Film School Screenings
Close to Home: Great Short Films of 2010
The Street Stories Film Festival
San Jose Short Film Festival
Blank Panther Party Film Festival
Newfilmmakers Documentary Night Includes Two Feature Films About Man's Inhumanity to Animals
The Fig Film Festival
The 2010 Global Lens Film Series
Winter Backcountry Film Festival
Joseph Strick Short Films
Joseph Strick and Ben Maddow Short Films
The Best of 2010 Sundance Short Films
Newfilmmakers Presents: A Very Vinny Christmas
Indiscrete Films d'Ecoles Indiennes
First Night Film Program
The Golden Age of Hollywood Film Composers
New York International Children's Film Fest: Kidflix 2010
Sacramento Film and Music Festival
Festivus Film Festival
Lacla Screenwalk at Artwalk: Latino Student Film Festival
8mm Films by George and Mike Kuchar
Sacramento Film and Music Festival Winterfest
Best of the Banff Mountain Film Festival
Newfilmmakers Presents the Feature Minus One in Our Continuing Series About War
Direct Action Cinema From the School of Digital Filmmaking
Light in Bay Area Film and Performance
Brothers Factory Snowboard Film
Films by Brian Dean Richmond
The Cross Revolves at Sunset: Restored Experiment Film From the Academy Film Achive
Art House 101 Film Festival
Short Films of Various Directors
Marianne Dissard Tucson Film Retrospective
Reverse Town: A Film Collective
Las Vegas Jewish Film Festival
Newfilmmakers Celebrates Life and Death
A History of Experimental Film
LDS Film Festival
Sundance Film Festival U.S.A. 2011
Every House has a Door Short Film Program
An Evening of Short Film Gems
Sundance Film Festival USA: Cedar Rapids
Clarksdale Film Festival
Revelations of the Everyday: Films and Videos by Vincent Grenier
UNCW Alumni Films Series
Vivienne Dick Films
CA Indie Film Fest
Filmmaker Leonard Retel Helmrich
Ran-Classic Film Series
Storybook Films
The Darkness of Day: Recent Films by Jay Rosenblatt
26th Annual Santa Barbara International Film Festival
Predator - Presented at the Great Digital Film Festival 2011
Yole! Africa Presents Films by Petna Ndaliko Katondolo
2nd Annual Yellow Springs Short Film Festival
Sembene's Legacy: Two Films by Daouda Coulibaly
Children's Films and Art at the Nick
Selection of Experimental Films
Jazz on Film: The 1940's: From Swing to Bebop
Films by Stan Brakhage
Les Lutins Short Film Showcase
Spokane International Film Festival
Festival des Films Publicitaires 2010
Time Lapse: Two Short Films by David Pepe
Short Films of TJ Thyne
Short Films by Various Directors
Sembene's Legacy: Shorts by New African Filmmakers
The Rose City Steampunk Film Festival
3rd Annual Painted Lips and Lolly Licks: The Sexy Film Festival
Scary Cow's Thirteenth Indie Film Festival
Mountain Roots Film Festival
Ingelore: A Film by Frank Stiefel
Abstraction in Film
African Diaspora Film Festival
Contemporary African Short Films
Nevermore Film Festival
Ninth Annual Temple Emanu-el Kirk Cashmere Jewish Film Festival
2011 United States Super 8 Film and Digital Video Festival
The Films of Rose Lowder
The Biz on the Biz Silent Short Film Program
Lesbian Looks Film Series
Middle East Film Festival Gala
Free Film Discussion
2011 W & M Global Film Festival: Global Film and the Super/Natural
Providence Children's Film Festival 2011
Athens Jewish Film Festival 2011
Ma'aleh Film School Short Film Presentation
The Oscar Nominated Short Films 2010: Animated (2010)
Pan-African Film Festival
Portland International Film Festival
Texas Independent Film Network: Shorts Program
Dennis Nyback's Forbidden Cinema: 7 Nights of Rare 16mm Film Programs
Sound First Film Challenge Screenings
48-Hour Film Race - Screening Festival
Around the World in 33 Films: The Jeonju Digital Project 2004 and 2005
2011 Black Filmmakers Classic Series
Film South Asia - 2010 Program 1
This Film Is Not Yet Rated (2006)
Peace on Earth Film Festival
Best of Ottawa International Film Festival 2010
34th Annual Portland International Film Festival
2011 Oscar Nominated Documentary Short Films Program A
2011 Oscar Nominated Documentary Short Films Program B
Films of Jennings, Kirsanoff, Leger, Murphy, Clair, and Picabia
10th Annual Bicycle Film Festival
Goethe-Institute German Film Series: The Silence
Film South Asia - 2010 Program 2
Foreign Language Film Award Symposium
Animated Short Film Nominees
Iranian Short Films
8mm and Super 8mm Films
Austin Film Society: Best of Fests: Dig
Imax Film Festival
An Evening of Films by M. Henry Jones
Films d'Animation Chinois de Fin d'Etudes
19th Annual $100 Film Fest
2011 Fargo Film Festival
Festival International de Films Pour Enfants de Montreal
2011 Providence French Film Festival
Films of Buster Keaton
Rainbow Reels Queer Film Festival
From One Film to Another
The Films of Manuel Delanda
Reel Rock 'n' Roll: Rockin' Rarities on Film
$100 Film Festival
6th Annual Vancouver in Film Festival
WIFTI Short Film Showcase
12th Chicago Irish Film Festival
Film and Video Makers at Cal
Punch Puppet Slam Short Films
Miami International Film Festival
San Luis Obispo International Film Festival
Ashbury Shorts Film Festival
Handmade Puppet Dream: Film Shorts
Central New York Film and Video Showcase
General Idea: Films and Videos 1969-85
Newfilmmakers Hosts Our Women Filmmakers and Newlatino Filmmakers Groups
SXSW Film Festival
San Francisco International Asian American Film Festival
Palestinian Film Festival
Festival du Film de L'Outaouais 2011
Canada's Top 10 Short Films
Laurel and Hardy Short Films
Short Films of Peter Kubelka
3 Films by Thomas Furhapter
Short Films by Robert Nelson
Aboriginal Youth Animation Films
Image X Sound: Films by Tatsu Aoki
Necessities of Life: Foreign Film With Shelly Isaacs
The Vanishing Flame: A Filmmaker's Journey to Document the Endangered Martial Arts of Asia
Kinofest NYC: Ukrainian and Post Soviet Film Festival
Newfilmmakers Celebrate Alienation
Charlie Chaplin Film Series
Thirty-Two Short Films About Glenn Gould (1993)
Boston Turkish Festival Film Competition
Film Noir 101
Magic Lantern Film Series
Newfilmmakers Remembers the Triangle Fire Ninety-Nine Years Ago
Keeping Trace: On Time and Film
Celebrate Sam Speigel Film School
5th Edition Fokus Film Festival
Short Film Night
7th Annual Fresno Film Festival
Dominican Film Festival
The Water Film Festival
Auto Focus: Studebaker on Film
Cinema Verde Film Festival
Gasparilla Film Festival
BANFF Mountain Film Festival World Tour 2010/2011
Filipino Film Festival
Cassavetes Film Rarities
Boston Turkish Festival Film Competition Winners
Kurt Harder Short Films
9th Annual Native American Film Festival
Jewish Film Festival Show of Anita
14th Green Mountain Film Festival
Young Filmmakers Docs
Young Filmmakers Shorts
Milka - A Film About Taboos (1980)
Water Walker Film Festival 2011
Recycled Visions: The Films of Salise Huges
Boris Lehman: Films Recents
Harmony Film Premiere
Behind the Camera: Master Filmmakers From Southeast Asia
Tri Media Film Festival
Boston Underground Film Festival
Tacoma Sister Cities Film Festival
Nunez Community College Pelican d'or Film Festival
Wild & Scenic Environmental Film Festival
Palm Beach Film School
Heavy Metal Film Festival
Olympus PEN Your Short 48 Hour Films
VFF Adventure Film Winner
Cerebral Palsy Films
Reel Music: Ravi Shankar, Raga: A Film Journey to the Soul of India
Cineview Film Festival
Films of Sharits
Newfilmmakers Discovers Brooklyn and Queens
Newfilmmakers Celebrates Acting Which Sometimes Happens in Indie Film
Newfilmmakers Presents Films Out of New Jersey
Edmonton Jewish Film Festival
Newfilmmakers Presents Streets Movies
New Latino Filmmakers Presents New Films
Barney (Film Society)
15th Annual Hartford Jewish Film Festival
The Phantasmagoric Films of Piotr Kamler
Pioneer Valley Jewish Film Festival
Newfilmmakers Doc Night
Newfilmmakers Presents Nonames Staring James Badge Dale
Sprockets Toronto International Film Festival for Children and Youth
2011 Black Maria Film Festival
Newfilmmakers Presents Days Gone By
River Film Fest
San Francisco International Women's Film Festival
Tallahassee Film Festival
Astoria on Film
Fallbrook Film Festival Screening 13
Fallbrook Film Festival Screening 15
Fallbrook Film Festival Screening 18
Fallbrook Film Festival Screening 20
Fallbrook Film Festival Screening 14
Fallbrook Film Festival Screening 16
Fallbrook Film Festival Screening 19
Fallbrook Film Festival Screening 17
KC Filmmakers Jubilee Retros
5th Annual Jerre Awards Short Film Fest
Short Films of Neil Webb
The 6th Annual Secret Film Festival
SF International Women's Film Festival
Palm Beach Women's International Film Festival
Prison Reform Film Festival
33rd Annual Latin American Film Series
Ashland Independent Film Festival
Mix Me a Walk: 5 Films by Vanessa Renwick
Short But Not Sweet Short Films
Ocadu: Graduate Student Film Showcase
Acting Together on the World Stage: Documentary Film Screening
Sicilian Film Festival
Newfilmmakers Screens its Animation Series Curated by Eric Leiser
Films of Charles Trenet and Edith Piaf
Alaska Outdoor Recreational Film Festival
20th Annual Florida Film Festival
Chicago Latino Film Festival
Public Provocative Porn: The Year's Best in Feminist Film
Paulus Films Friends
Conestoga College School of Media and Design Film Festival
Not Yet Rated Student Film Festival
8th Annual Patois: New Orleans International Human Rights Film Festival
Short Films of Artist Soon-Mi-Yoo
Ku Film Showcase
Filmfest DC
NW Projections Film Festival
Warhol on Film: Hedy and The Velvet Underground in Boston
House Divided Project Documentary Film Festival
A Program of Short Films by Charles Burnett
Cinergie 2011 Film Festival
Black Maria Film and Video Tour
Provincial Archives of Alberta's 26th Annual Film Night Presents: Hollywood Tours Alberta
The 53rd Rochester International Film Festival
Toronto-Romanian Film Festival Double Bill
Stephens College Short Film Showcase
5th Annual Indie Grits Film Festival
Doubt OTP Performance and Film
Newfilmmakers Celebrates Earth Day and Easter Both of Which Have Something to do With Rocks
Third Annual Wallabout Film Festival
MN Emerging Filmmakers
Soho International Films Festival NYC
Tyler Perry Film Festival
Downtown Boca Film Festival
Be Here to Love Me: A Film About Townes Van Zandt (2004)
Show Us Your Shorts Film Fest
Ethiopian Film
Las Vegas Short Film Showcase
Native Lens Films for Earth Day
Global Graffiti: Graffiti Films From Around the World
A Master Class With Oscar-Nominated Filmmaker Scott Hamilton Kennedy
On a Phantom Limb: New Films by Nancy Andrews
Herofest Action Film Festival
Best of SIFF Films4Families
Columbia University Film Fest Program A
Africa Volunteer Corps and Visions Incorporated Present: Visualize Change Film Forum
New York Women in Film and Television Present: Windfall
BMA Film Night
Columbia University Film Fest Program D
Columbia University Film Fest Program C
Columbia University Film Festival Program E
Columbia University Film Festival Program F
Free Family Film Festival Tomorrow 10AM
Columbia University Film Festival Program G
5 Second Film Festival
Sublime Frequencies Films
Calgary International Mountain Film Festival
The Wild and Scenic Environmental Film Festival on Tour
Do Something Reel Film Festival
GSU Film Festival
Classic Buster Keaton Films
Rock & Soul Rarities on Film
Comedy Town Film Night
Iris Film Festival
Play Time: The Films of Jacques Tati
BANFF Mountain Film Tour
Just Ducky: The Films of Sally Cruikshank
The New York African Film Festival
Serge Bromberg and Retour de Flamme: Rare and Restored Films in 3D
I Shot It on 16: Bolex Film Experiment
Calgary Mountain Film Fest - Climbing!
Calgary Mountain Film Fest - Water Themed
IU Student Film Productions
Calgary Mountain Bike Alliance Film
The Italian Film Festival USA of Milwaukee
Experimental Film Program
Newlatino Filmmakers Celebrates Cinquo de Mayo
Best Films From Kitchener's Local Directors
Drop Your Shorts Film Drop Off
2nd Annual Feminist Film Festival
New York International Independent Film Festival
54th Annual San Francisco International Film Festival
Vancouver Film Race 2011
The Langston Huges African American Film Festival
The 27th Annual Boston LGBT Film Festival
Craig Becker's Film Frenzy
The New York Polish Film Festival
Milwaukee Underground Film Festival
Elektra 2011: Films of Mary Ellen Bute
Boston College Senior-Thesis Films
Tagore 150th Celebration Films
Radical Light Program 3: Punk Attitudinal Films and Video 1977-1987
Imperial Valley Film Festival
Best of Canes Film Festival
W & M Short Film Festival
Raga: A Film Journey Into the Soul of India
The Basic Materials of Film: Ernie Gehr
Enchanted Brooklyn: Contemporary Fairy Tale Films
Jazz on Film: Tito Puente Month
The Films of Jeanne Liotta
Best of the 2011 Greenfield Youth Film Festival
Israel in Short: Animated Films
Drop Your Shorts Film Festival
Newfilmmakers Hosts Women Filmmakers and Screens Wonder: A Film With One Script and Seven Directors
2011 Coolidge Award Premiere Film: Film Restoration and Access in the Digital Age
St. Mary's Student Film Festival
Calgary 24 Film Race
BN Short Film Fest
Santa Cruz Film Festival
The 30th Anniversary Asbury Short Film Show of New York
Films From New York's Vault II: Archives Go to the Movies
Films of Nougaro and Ferrat
Flicks Film Festival
SF 24 Hour Film Race 2011
31st Annual SCC Film Festival
Silk Screen Film Festival
22nd Annual Honolulu Rainbow Film Festival
Ryerson University Film Festival
International Wildlife Film Festival
5th Annual Student Short Film Festival
Live at the Film Forum Featuring the Vis-a-Vis Society
Austin Fair Trade Film Festival
Black X: African Diaspora Experimental Film Series
Arthur Lyons Films Noir
The Films of Jerzy Skolimowski
National Film Board Club
Newfilmmakers Presents Our Regular Film School Series
Vancouver 24 Hour Film Race 2011
Digital Film Academy Special Program
Found Film Festival
Main Line Student Film Festival
5-Minute Remake Film Challenge Screenings
Mass Art Film / Video Showcase
C Blue Film Festival
Radical Light: Alternative Film and Video in the San Area Punk, Attitudinal Film and Video, 1977 to
2nd Annual One Queer Film Fest
S.U.R.G.E! Film Festival
Summer Film Series
Fairy Tales Queer Film Fest
2nd Annual Parkdale Coolegiate Film Festival
2011 Student Film Showcase
Newfilmmakers Presents Films About Art as Well as a Short Film Program
1st Annual Tickle Me Ottawa Film Festival
Love Unlimited Film Festival
6th Annual Filmmakers of the Future
Media That Matters Film Festival
Romanian Film Festival
A Night of Bruce Baillie Short Films
Strange Wings: Aviation Films From the NFB
Sex Worker Film Festival
Fat Tire Film Festival
International Festival of Films on Arts
World Wide Short Film Festival Opening Night Gala
The Best 48 Hour Films of All Time
Free Family Film Festival Tue & Wed 10AM
Free Family Film Festival Tue, Wed & Thu 10AM
Newfilmmakers Presents the Feature of Anatomy of the Lonely
2011 Fairy Tales Queer Film Fest
New Jersey Short Film Concert
Portland Queer Documentary Film Festival
Rent: Filmed Live on Broadway (2008)
The Beatles: Rare Film Clips 1963-1970
Films by Naomi Uman
Dreamspeakers Film Festival 2011
Uzbek Rhapsody: The Films of Ali Khamraev
Latin American Cinemateca of Los Angeles: Student Films
Bright Nights: The Baltic Nordic Film Festival
Information Night - Youth Film Festival
Teen Filmmakers Debuts Documentary Shorts
Local Film Makers Spotlight
Hoboken International Film Festival
Best Advertising Films Banned Prohibited or Rejected by the Lions de Cannes Jury
LA Greek Film Fest
Short Films by Thom Andersen
LGBTQA Film Fest
Music From the Film Winter's Bone
From Here to Obscurity: Travestry Films Langley Punks Tribute
Gen Art Film Festival
Newfilmmakers Presents Fantasy and Adventure Films
Another Hole in the Head Film Fest
Festival des Meilleurs Films Publicitaires Non-Primes
Provincetown International Film Festival
Las Vegas Short Film Showcase II
Image Gazer Film Festival
Best of the 37th Northwest Film & Video Festival
Animated Shorts From the Vault of the National Film Board
Silent Film: Reel Baseball w/ Live Piano Accompaniment
Extremely Shorts Film Festival
A Film of David Lynch Following His Master's Footsteps... Throughout India
Adventure Film Festival
From Britain With Love Film Fest: Toast
A Celebration of Cuban Film
The 9th Annual Chicago African Diaspora International Film Festival
Third Annual Homo-Harlem Film Series
Film Fest of Colorado Block 3
Film Fest of Colorado Block 5
Film Fest of Colorado Block 7
Film Fest of Colorado Block 8
Philadelphia Independent Film Festival
Athens Teenscreen Filmfest
Parkdale Film and Video Showcase
Los Angeles Film Festival 2011
The 23rd Onion City Experimental Film and Video Film Festival
Tour de Film
Films of Baillie and Crockwell
Broncho Billy Silent Film Festival
Film Fest of Colorado - Workshop
Film Fest of Colorado - AEC Showcase
Film Fest of Colorado - Assassins' Code
New York Women in Film and Television: Where Less is More
Newfilmmakers Presents Native American Films as Well as Documentaries and Short Films
Free Family Film
Full Draw Film Tour 2011
San Francisco United Film Festival 2011
Surrealist Short Films 1
Newfilmmakers Summer Fest
Newfilmmakers Presents Some Random Unrelated Stories
Newfilmmakers Gets Religion
Newlatino Filmmakers Presents an Evening of New Films
Scary Cow's Fourteenth Indie Film Festival
Newfilmmakers Presents More Urban Reality Films
Newfilmmakers Presents Fool in a Bubble
Newfilmmakers Ends Summerfest 2011 and Begins Its Weekly Schedule With Our Film of the Month Present
Clermont Ferrand Shorts Films
Festival des Meilleurs Films Publicitaires Off Cannes
14th Annual LI International Film Expo
Ventura Film Festival
Frozen Film Festival Best Animated Shorts 2011
Aqua Teen Hunger Force Colon Movie Film for Theaters (2007)
Artivist Film Festival
New Mexico Filmmaker's Showcase
Sacramento Japanese Film Festival
Cine-Concert: Son Premier Film
Shape Up! Films About Fit-Ness, Fat-Ness and Feral Cats
Frozen Film Festival Best Dramatic Shorts of 2011
Best of Shorts From the San Diego International Children's Film Festival
Dark House Films Presents: The Unleashed
Rochester Jewish Film Festival
A Night of Short Films
National Jazz Museum in Harlem Presents: Jazz on Film
Newfilmmakers Celebrates Bastille Day
10th Annual Historic Harlem Parks Film Festival
From Britain With Love Film Fest: Boy Called Dad
The Lost Art of Photo Films
Harry Potter Film Festival
Harry Potter Film Festival in 3D
Films of Stan Brakhage
Newfilmmakers Welcomes the Seattle Experimental Animation Team
Surrealism: Quay Brothers Short Films
ANDkids World Film Festival
Foreign Film Series ''Shelly Issacs''
The Poet Filmmakers
Santos Dumont's Mutoscope: Early Cinema and the Found Footage Film
The Film Peddler
90 Second Quickie Film Contest Screening
Newfilmmakers Welcomes the Women's Filmmaker Group
Traverse City Film Festival
31st San Francisco Jewish Film Festival
2011 Lacroix French Film Fest
Cinema Salon: The Poet Filmmakers
4th Annual Summer Student Film Workshop
Stony Brook Film Festival
Tell Your Friends! The Concert Film!
Viscera Film Festival
Short Films and Rarities Presented by John Fricke
Films of Clair, Picabia, Bunuel, and Dali
Silent Summer Film Fest
Roxybury International Film Festival Shorts
Four by Anger: Films by Kenneth Anger
A Tribute to Ed Sabol & NFL Films
Newfilmmakers Welcomes the Newlatino Filmmakers Group
Maya Indie Film Series
Newfilmmakers Welcomes Nomad Films
The Films of Elina Tuhkanen
Ann Arbor Film Festival Tour
Films of Eggeling and Cavalcanti
Leandro Katz Films and Videos Program 1
Leandro Katz Films and Videos Program 2
Visible Evidence Program 2: Documentaries From the Collection of Anthology Film Archives
Films of Conrad, Jacobs, and Fleischner
Bicycle Film Festival 2011
Newfilmmakers Presents Gay and Lesbian Films
West Coast Film Festival
48 Hour Film Project: Best of Des Moines
Chaplin's Keystone Films
Bicycle Film Night
Graphation Film Festival
48 Hour Film Project Showcase
Short Films by Barry Jenkins
48 Hour Film Project: Best of 2011
Film Camp Exhibition Screening
We Like Em Short Film Festival
Bette Gorden Films
Indian Independence Day Food & Film Celebration
Summer Film Festival
Cuban Film Posters: From Havana to the World
Cinemakc: Best of the Urban Film Festival
Backlot Bash Silent Film Fest
Silent Film Shorts
Caliente Film Festival
Ecstatic Bodies: Human Form on Film
Landlocked Film Festival
O'Brien Theatre Film Festival
Film Comment Selects: Special Effects
Newfilmmakers Presents Some New York Stories
Newfilmmakers Presents Jewish and Israeli Films
Spotlight Film Series
Ohina Short Film Showcase
Top Secret: Films You Weren't Supposed to See
1 Reel Film Festival
New York International Children's Film Festival's Party Mix
The Five Minutes Game Jr: All Insane Kids Films Editions
Newfilmmakers Celebrates Labor Day
This Is Not a Film
SF Shorts: The International Festival of Short Films
The Engineers Without Borders Film Festival
Mexican Filmmakers
Vancouver Latin American Film Festival
Film Series
The Bicycle Film Festival
Friday Favorites Film Series
The 6th Annual Harlem International Film Festival
Filmusik: Attack of the Evil Brain From Outer Space
Sonic Truth: Films From the 2011 Flaherty Seminar
Newfilmmakers Presents Solitary Child
Blue Revue Dirty Film Festival
Documentary Films
Global Film Initiative
Filmusik: Organ Grinders
Latin Film Festival
All Creatures Great and Small - Short Films
World Short Films
NYFA Films
Silent Film 101
MSP Films: Attack of La Nina
Polanski's Student Films
Newfilmmakers Welcomes The Digital Film Academy in New York
Good Vibrations Indie Erotic Film Festival Short Film Competition
Ottawa International Film Festival
3rd Annual Shorts for Shorties Film Festival
Short Films You'll Never Forget
San Francisco Irish Film Festival
2nd Latin American and Spanish Film Week
Sycamore Film Festival
Wild and Weird Short Films
Ghetto Film School
Manhattan Film Festival
Film Arts Forum the Sound of Cinema
1st Youth Short Film Festival
Newfilmmakers Presents Works in Progress
Songs of Experience Film Series 2011
Tournees 2011 French Film Festival
Films for One to Eight Projectors
7th Montreal International Black Film Festival
L'histoire de L'animation en 50 Films Tres Courts
Young Cuts Film Festival
Berkeley Video Film Festival
Brazilian Film Festival of Toronto
Citizen Jane Film Festival
13th Annual Manhattan Short Film Festival
Edmonton International Film Festival
Crested Butte Film Festival
New York Film Festival Shorts Program 1
11th Annual Short Film Festival
New York Film Festival Program 2
Visionmaker Film Festival
Chinese Film Festival
Manhattan Short Film Festival 2011
Electric Daisy Carnival Film Screening
Bend Film Festival
Escapism Film Festival
New York International Children's Film Festival: Kid Flix Mix 2011
3rd Annual Black Panther Party Film Fest
Short Films of Jean Marie Straub
Short Films of Kevin Jerome Everson
Short Films of Ben Rivers
Films of Nathaniel Dorsky and Jerome Miller
Argentinean Film Weekend
Films of Aurand Munoz and Sami
Films of Paul Clipson
Fall Sneak Previews 2: The Thalia Film Club Hosted by Marshall Fine
Loud and Clear Film Fest
An Evening With Experimental Filmmaker Nathaniel Dorsky
Independent Filmmakers Mars
Two Films by John Akomfrah
15th Arab Film Festival
Image Out Film Festival
Bucks Fever Film Fest
Hamptons Film Festival
Taiwan Film Days
Films of Jordan, Levitt, and Maas
The Private Films of J. Edgar Hoover
Round the World and Home Again - Short Films
Lynne Sachs: Recent Short Films
Canton Film Festival
Zeb's Film Circus
Short Film: Dragon City
Best of the 2011 New Jersey International Film Festival 1
Best of the 2011 New Jersey International Film Festival 2
Austin Humane Society Film Festival
Planet in Focus Film Festival
The Maryland International Film Festival Shorts Program 6
The Maryland International Film Festival Shorts Program 2
The Maryland International Film Festival Shorts Program 3
Pacific Rim Film Festival
Films of Real Benoit and Francois Brault
The Projectionist: A Passion for Film
Newfilmmakers Presents Relationships But Don't Try Them at Home
Films of Mafrouza and Coeur
New Orleans Film Festival
ImagineNATIVE Film Festival
Salem Film Festival
Ghostbusters - Digital Film Festival
Orientation Film: Who We Are
Sweetcorn Film Festival
Antimatter Film Festivals
The NY Short Film Concert
Greatest Hits of the Bicycle Film Festival
To Make a Film
Tall Grass Film Festival
Trash Film Orgy Halloween
Film Columbia Film Festival
Films of Fury: The Kung Fu Movie Movie
Alliance Francaise Free Film: 7 Years
Laurel and Hardy Film Festival
Silent Film/Live Music: Metropolis
Grand River Film Festival
NYU Student Films
Filmmaking in the Classroom
Six Filmmakers in Search of a Wedding
Twe12ve and Standard Films TB 20
Cinema Touching Disability Film Festival
International Skateboard Film Festival
NY/SF Children's Film Festival
2011 Seattle Lesbian and Gay Film Festival
Fear Fete Horror Film Festival Thriller and Paranormal Block
Classic Silent French Serial in SFI Film Presentation
16th Annual Berlin and Beyond Film Festival
Newfilmmakers Presents Its Annual Halloween Program Presented by the Newlatino Group
Films of Chick Strand
14th United Nations Association Film Festival
PR Horror Film Festival
Silent Films to Loud Music: Halloween Edition
Films of Jennings Kirsanoff and Leger
Dialogue of Cultures International Film Festival
Hollywood Black Film Festival
Film Portrait
Fear Fete Horror Film Festival Comedy Horror and Best of Block
Connect - A Fly Fishing Film
Frightfully Fun Film Festival
Utopia Film Festival
Classic Horror Films
Spooktacular Film Festival
Women's Film Preservation Fund Program 2
Women's Film Preservation Fund Program 1
French Cinema Now Film Festival
Westend Films
Philadelphia Asian American Film Festival
Houston Comedy Film Festival
FAB! Films for Kids
Short Short Story Film Festival
Thunderstruck Films...
The Ukrainian Time Machine: Two Films by Naomi Uman
13th Annual E.R.O.S. Film Festival
Art on Film / Film on Art
Short Films of Tony Asimakopoulos
6th Annual Black Film Festival
Save the Waves Film Festival
Panel Discussion: The Indie Filmmaker
Big Apple Film Festival
Boston Jewish Film Festival: Short Films Competition
Warren Miller Ski Film
Blazing the Trail: The Story of the Kalem Film Company in Ireland
From the Tender Archive: Films by Melika Bass
The Shoot Out 24 Hour Filmmaking Festival
The Five Day Film Festival
Steeltown Film Factory Event
Films of Stuart Sherman 1977 -89
Vancouver Film Festival
Film Festival - 2011
Twin Cities Arab Film Festival
Reeling: Chicago Lesbian & Gay Film Festival
Napa Valley Film Festival
Two Early Films From Master Georgian Filmmaker Mikhail Kalatozov
Films of Christopher Maclaine
Flatbush Film Festival 2nd Edition
3rd I's South Asian Film Festival
Community Film and Sing-Along
Short Films of Sesame Street
Nelly's Begoda: A Film About Hope Over Violence
Windsor International Film Festival
Chicago Northshore Film Festival
Kid Films: Shortstack!
The 2011 Where I'm From Short Film Contest
L'abominable: 16mm French Experimental Film
Other Recent Films
The Reel Rock Film Tour 2011
Newfilmmakers Goes to the Theater
Australian Short Film Series
MSP Latin Film Fest
The Films of Amar Kanwar
Tender Muscles: Five Films by Charles Fairbanks
Queer Film Fest
The Mining Film Festival 2nd Edition
Short Films of Skip Eisenhower of the AV Geeks
San Francisco Underground Short Film Festival
Fall Film Festival
London Jewish Film Festival
Shorts Film Festival
Taste Film, Talk Food
American International Film Festival
A World of Animation From the Children's Film Festival Seattle
2011 Cine World Film Festival
Farm and Food Film Festival
Pop-Up Film Food Feast
Young People's Film Festival Screening
20th Annual Brouhaha Film and Video Showcase
4th Annual Myanmar Film Festival
Director's Sennight Film Festival
Cyclo Cross Film Festival
Moroccan Film Festival
Hamptons Take 2 Documentary Film Festival
Films of 1911: A Century Ago
Newfilmmakers Talks Turkey
Toronto International Film and Video
Independent Film Quarterly Film & New Media Festival
ITN Distribution Film & New Media Festival
49th Ann Arbor Film Festival
Films of Grant Jacobs and Fleischner
Films of Genet Frank and Leslie
Trance Cinema: An Evening of Ritual and Trance Films From Bali and Indonesia
Your Favorite Israeli Film
Newfilmmakers Deals With the Financial Crisis With Drugs
Ann Arbor Film Festival Retrospective
Nordic Film Festival
Mass Indie Film Festival
Best of European Short Films
Holiday Film Festival
The Man Up Film Festival
North Bend Mountain Films Series
Santa's Film Festival
Film Arts Forum Pitch Perfect
Newfilmmakers Welcome Third World Newsreel
African Diaspora International Film Festival
Four Films Pialat and Truffaut
Bucknell Student Film Festival
The Harlem International Film Festival
Newfilmmakers Documentary Program
Films by Jordan Belson
Classic Film
BANFF Mountain Film Festival World Tour
14th Annual European Union Film Festival
The Anchorage International Film Festival
Independent Film Screening
8th Annual OLA Film Festival Part 1
8th Annual OLA Film Festival Part 2
Short Films of Laura Kraning and Fern Silva
Short Films of Laurel and Hardy
Spanish Non Fiction Program 4: Filming the Invisible
I'm Your Puppet: A Puppet Film Retrospective
Video Art and Experimental Film Festival 2011
Newfilmmakers Film Academy Program
An Evening of Occupy Wall Street: Filming the Movement
Newfilmmakers Celebrates Christmas
Glow LGBT Film
A Serbian Film
Film School Confidential: Black
Filmusik Organ Grinders: The Unknown
Alliance Francaise Films
Documentary in Bloom: New Films Presented by Livia Bloom
Pacific Street Films Evening
Festivals des Films Publicitaires
Emerging Filmmakers Series
Santa's Cool Holiday Film Festival
Charlie Chaplin Short Silent Films
Wyoming Triumph Ski & Snowboard Film
Cinema Club Short Films
Oddball Films: One in a Million
Newfilmmakers Visits Boston and Some Other Places Along the Way
Newfilmmakers Presents New Asian Films
Banff Mountain Film Fest World Tour 2012
School of Film Fall Term Student Screening
International Film Series
6th Native Film Series
In Dreams: The Films of David Lynch the Elephant Man
Viscera Short Horror Film Festival 2012
The Martin Luther King Day Film Projét
Palm Springs International Film Festival
Sundance Institute Short Film Program
Purchase College Films
Blackcountry Film Festival
Compilation Short Film Program
Nitrate Treasures: A Special Screening of Archival HBC Films
Texas Brand Film Festival
Multiname Productions Film Festival
Films of Santiago Alvarez
Best of the Banff Film Festival
Climate Voices: A Film Night With IELP
Film Socialisme (2011)
Super Gr8 Film Festival
Back Country Ski Film Festival
Gallery Crawl Short Films
2012 Iris Film Festival
Best of Ottawa International Film Festival 2011
2012 Shorts for Your Shorts Film Festival
Four Wall Film Festival
Early Mike Kuchar Films
Newfilmmakers Welcomes Back Digital Film Academy
Occupy Wall Street Film Shorts
Black History Month Film Festival
Detroit Revealed on Film: After the Factory
Rural Route Film Festival
Filmmaker Forum
The Iron Mule Short Comedy Film Festival
Farm Film Fest
Zagreb Film and Beyond: World Animation
Blacks in Experimental Film
Group 312 Films
Epopee: Le Film et le Debat
Art of Film: Love Goddesses
Films From Bob Mizers Legendary Athletic Model Guild
Big Bands: Short Films From the 30's and 40's
19th Annual Iranian Film Festival
Science Fiction & Fantasy Short Film Festival Encore
BAM Kids Film Festival: Selected Short Films
Newfilmmakers Welcomes Back New Latino Filmmakers
Archive Fever 3.0 Kinostalgia: Recent Found Footage Film From Austria
Reelabilities Film Festival
Archive Film Night
Festival des Films Publicitaires du Cannes 2011
Markopoulos: The Early Films
2nd Annual Coming of Age Film Festival
Festival of Films in French
Looney Tunes Film Festival
Painted Lips and Lolly Licks: The Sexy Film Festival
Screenagers: 14th Annual Bay Area High School Film and Video Festival
Moira Tierney Film Programme
The William & Mary French & Francophone Film Festival
Films of Warhol and Whitney
4th Annual Painted Lips and Lolly Flicks: The Sexy Film Festival
2nd Annual Mountain Roots Film Festival
Canyon Luminaries: Films by Bruce Baillie and Chick Strand
Newfilmmakers Celebrates Valentine's Day
Films of Andy Kellemen, Madelyn Roehrig, and Leibel Cohen
Live Action Short Film Nominees
Prefestival Film Series
Punk, Attitudinal: Film & Video
Marnkino Short Film Series
Laugh Out Loud Short Film Festival
Guerilla Film Project
Emerson Presents - Filmmaker Rod Todd in Person
College of William and Mary 2012 Global Film Festival: Film and the City
2012 United States Super 8 Film and Digital Video Festival
Scary Cow Prime Cuts: 5th Anniversary Film Festival Extravaganza
Music for Silent Films Show
Top Ten Films of the Year Plus the Oscars
Providence Children's Film Festival 2012
Newfilmmakers Celebrates the Performing Arts
Queer Film and Video
Tournees Festival of French Film
2012 Academy Award Nominated Short Films
35th Portland International Film Festival
The Oscar Nominated Short Films 2011: Documentary
A World of Animation From Children's Film Festival Seattle 2011
Art of Filmmaking
Radical Light: Alternative Film and Video in the San Francisco Bay Area
NY Bulgarian Film Festival 2012
6th Annual New Mexico Italian Film Festival
Short Silent Films of George Melies
Out in the Desert LGBT Film Festival
Post Alley Film Festival
Board Shorts Surf Film Festival
Florida Organic Growers Short Film
Fall Sneak Preview 3: The Thalia Film Club Hosted by Marshall Fine
LOL Film Fest
Local Farmers Market Short Film
A Film Unfinished (2010)
Black History Mini Film Series
The Oscar Nominated Short Films 2010: Live Action (2010)
Big Sky Documentary Film Festival
Film School F-3 Screening
BAMN Short Films
Noir Film Festival
Bass on Titles: Films of Saul Bass
True/False Film Festival
Durango Independent Film Festival
Classic Film Series
Providence French Film Festival
Denver Jewish Film Festival
Scary Cow 16th Short Film Festival
New Brunswick Films for a New Brunswick Theatre
Global Visions Film Festival
The Filmic Photograph
Franklin High School Film Festival
Indie Film Fundraiser
Iraqi Short Films
Emelin Film Club
New French Short Films
13th Chicago Irish Film Festival
2012 Fly Fishing Film Tour
Oscar Nominated Short Films
Sister Cities International Film Festival
Festival International du Film Pour Enfants de Montreal
The Oscar Nominated Short Films 2012: Documentary
The 2012 Fargo Film Festival
The Films of Michael Robinson
Sacramento Jewish Film Festival
Lunafest Ahort Films... By, for About Women
NYICFF 2011: Short Films One
Festival International du Film Amerasia
Women Plus Film Voices Film Festival
The Craic Film Festival 2012
NYICFF 2012 Short Films
Les Films Londoniens
NYICFF 2012: Short Films Two
Goethe-Institut German Film Series: Cracks in the Shell
The Oscar-Nominated Short Films 2012: Double Feature
Newfilmmakers Welcomes Back the Women Filmmakers Group
Newfilmmakers Presents a Double Feature and the Return of Our Short Short Program
A Taste of Film
Women in Film
Shitty One Minute Film Festival
Women's Film Festival
Birds of a Feather: Short Films From the Children's Film Festival Seattle
San Francisco International Asian American Film Festival 30
Films of Jerome Hiler
Chinese Women's Documentary Film Festival
Moustachio Bashio Film Festival
Sun Valley Film Festival
Funny Short Films
Dark Short Films
Documentary Short Films
Foreign Short Films
Sephardic Film Festival
Arc & Sprout Film Festival
Mean Streets PDX: A History of B-Movies Filmed in Portland
Good Clean Fun Short Films
Rock Hill, SC Short Films
Western Film Series
Ida's Doc U: The Business Side of Doc Filmmaking
The Disposable Film Festival
UNH Film Underground Screening
What Inspires an Artist: European Film Movements 1920-2012
Reel Canadian Film Fest
Films of Rice, Richter and Sharits
LA Film and Music Weekend
Two Films by Jack Smith
First Date: Short Film Trilogy
Indie Horror Film Fest
Seattle Jewish Film Festival: Shorts
Three Films by Robin Lehman
For the Love of Movies: The Story of American Film Criticism
Banff Film Festival 2012
The Oscar Nominated Short Films 2011: Live Action
Newfilmmakers Presents Horror and Science Fiction Films
Arizona International Film Festival
Alaska Ocean Film Festival
The Junos at TIFF: Canadian Music on Film
Gasparilla Film Festival Presents Peace, Love & Misunderstanding
Upstate Filmmakers Showcase I
Faux Film Festival
French Film Festival
Ann Arbor Film Festival
Green Mountain Film Festival
Festival du Film Etudiant de Quebec
Toronto Silent Film Festival
Three Films by Tadashi Nakamura-Asian Pacific American Heritage
Canadian Film Festival
Ecofocus Film Festival
Newfilmmakers Celebrates Writing Acting Filmmaking and the Other Dark Arts
Treatment for a Film in 15 Scenes
Gasparilla International Film Festival Presents The Hunter
Northern Wildlife Film Festival
Surprise Closing Night Film
Cleveland Film Festival
Bicycle Film Shorts Festival
Newfilmmakers Presents A Music Night
Newfilmmakers Welcomes the Mono No Aware Film Program
Newlatino Filmmakers Presents New Latino Film Night
Newfilmmakers Presents Indian Film Night
Two Films by Deann Borshay Liem: Asian Pacific American Heritage
Cameo Winter Film Class: Courtroom Dramas
Visiting Filmmakers
Newfilmmakers Presents New York Filmmakers
Short Films of the Festival Winners
Mountain Film on Tour
Taylor Mead on Film
The Films of Cathy Lee Crane
Detroit Revealed on Film: Louder Than Love
Festival des Films de la Releve
M-Agination Film Festival
San Francisco Fashion Film Festival
Bruce Conner Short Films
Louder Than Love: Grande Ballroom Film Benefit
SFFS Film Arts Forum Beyond Film School
Sene Film, Music & Art Festival 2012
The Oscar Nominated Short Films 2011: Animated
UNH Film Underground
2012 Biennial Film and Video Screenings
Cedar Rapids Independent Film Festival
Black Maria Film and Video Fesitval
Full Frame Documentary Film Festival
Sene Film Festival
Columbia College Student Film Showcase
Sonoma International Film Festival
Florida Film Festival Opening Night
John Zorn: A Film in 15 Scenes
Once Upon a Time - Short Films From the Children's Film Festival Seattle
TCM Classic Film Festival
16mm Film Fest
Malone Open Frame Film Festival
Author Film Series: David Brooks
The Long Way Home: A Filmography by William K. Appel
Best of the 38th Northwest Filmmakers' Festival
The 2012 35mm Salt City Horror Film Festival
Sicilia Queer Film Section
Architecture & Design Film Festival
Red Bridge Film Festival
Filmed by Bike
IPIC Film Festival
Beneath the Waves Film Festival
He Film
Latino Film Festival
The Reel Paddling Film Festival
Shelly Isaacs Foreign Film Series: Our Mother
Havana Film Festival
2012 Wild and Scenic Film Festival
Saviors on the Screen: A Film Series in Commemoration of Yom Hashoah
Latin American Film Series
The New Art Film Festival
One Minute Film Festival
Wisconsin Film Festival
Animated Films of William Kentridge
River Run International Film Festival
Revision the Film
Mount Si Wildcats Film Festival
Education Film Festival
South African Film Festival
Miami Wildlife Conservation Film Festival Series 1
Miami Wildlife Conservation Film Festival Series 2
Miami Wildlife Conservation Film Festival Series 3
Miami Wildlife Conservation Film Festival Series 4
Miami Wildlife Conservation Film Festival Series 5
Miami Wildlife Conservation Film Festival Series 6
Miami Wildlife Conservation Film Festival Series 7
Miami Wildlife Conservation Film Festival: This is Your Ocean: Sharks
Now That We Are Filmmakers: Films By & About Women
Unexpected Tales Film Series
3rd Annual Feminist Film Festival
Miami Wildlife Conservation Film Festival Series 8
Augmented Cinema Film Festival
New York Women in Film and Television Price Check
Trailer Wars Film Noir
Humber Film Projects
Tribeca Film Festival
Environmental Film Festival
Reelheart Film Festival
Tiburon International Film Festival
Surfrider Film Festival
A Celebration of Isreal in Film
55th San Francisco International Film Festival
Film Festival Myrtle Beach
Art Film Series
The Best of Children's Film Festival Seattle
National Film Festival for Talented Youth
8th Annual Fresno Film Festival
Cinergie Film Festival
Silent Film and Live Music Series
Six Films by Amy Greenfield
3D Student Film Showcase
The Tri County Film Festival
San Francisco International Film Festival
Milwaukee LGBT Film/Video Festival
La United Film Festival
Maryland Film Festival
Secret Film Night
Visuals: A Community Film Fesitval
Student Short Films
Russian Film Symposium 2012
Argentine Film Series
Trinity Film Festival
Miami Gay & Lesbian Film Festival
Canes Film Festival
Jteenla Film Fest
Samuel Beckett's Film
Delirious: Films by Nancy Andrews
Films From Purchase College
Columbia University Film Festival
Progeny Film Festival
Dusty Film and Animation Festival
Minneapolis-St. Paul International Film Festival
Portabella Films Miro
School of the Art Institute of Chicago Undergraduate and Graduate Film, Video and Audio Presentation
STIFF: Seattle's Truly Independent Film Festival
Films From New York's Vault III Archives Go to the Movies
32nd Annual Scottsdale Community College Film Festival
Massart Student Films
Doxa Documentary Film Festival
H.P. Lovecraft Film Festival
Epidemic Film Festival
A Film Fundraising Event
Student Films II
Our Lives on Film: Women's Stories
Flamingo Film Festival
Toronto Jewish Film Festival
Tulsa Tech's The Big Picture Film Festival
I Dream in Widescreen: BFA Thesis Films
Fangoria Presents Visera Film Festival
Show and Tell: The Films of Dani Levinthal
Elevator Beer Film Festival
Pacific University Theses Film Screening
5th Annual Up & Coming Film Fest
Charlie Chaplin Film Shorts
Fly Fishing Film Tour
Crossroads International Film Festival
Silk Screen Asian American Film Festival
First Exposure Student Film Festival
Alien Days Short Film Festival
Wildlife Conservation Film Festival
48 Hour Films From Around the World
Indian Film Festival
Silent Film Festival
2012 Biennial Film & Video Screenings
Big World for Little Movies: The Complete Guide for Short Film Content
Filmusik Organ Grinders: Wizard of Oz
Three Short Films by Ateyyat el Abnoudy
Common Ground: Community Arts Film
Student Film Showcase
Story of Film: An Odyssey Episode 9-15
Huntington High School Film Festival
Do Something Reel Film Series: Watershed
Fairytales Film Fest
Short Film Screening
Dreamspeakers Film Festival
Jump With Jill Film Festival
Film Kitchen Contest: Stink Bugs
Big Lens Film Festival
Sprout Film Festival
Art on Film Series
Independent Film Showcase VIP Premiere
Seattle International Film Festival
Womanimation Film Festival
Sea Cinema Film Festival
Brooklyn Film Festival
Tied House Film Festival
Toronto Serbian Film Festival
Films of Nathaniel Dorsky: Recent Films
Alexi the Great: The Films of Alexei Gherman, Russian Master
Korean American Film Festival New York
25th Connecticut Gay & Lesbian Film Festival
Films for Preschool Children
Films for Children
Baseball Family Film Festival
Packaged Goods: Girls of Film
Preschool Films
UCSC Social Documentary Film Screening
48 Hour Film Festival Winning Films
Films of Nathaniel Dorskey: The Quartet
Films of Ryan Wylie and Friends
Film Festival Flix
Surf and Standup Paddlesurf Films
Sacramento French Film Festival
San Francisco International LGBT Film Festival
Onion City Experimental Film & Video Festival
American Black Film Festival
Frameline LGBT Film Festival
Saul Bass: A Life in Film and Design
Films of Nathaniel Dorskey: Devotional Songs
VHS Short Films
Enter the Panda Film Fest
Octavia Film Festival
Malayalam Film
Palm Springs International Short Film Festival
New York Women in Film and Television
48 Hour Film Project Screenings
Surprise Film
48 Hour Film Project: Group F
48 Hour Film Project: Group E
48 Hour Film Project: Group G
Kicking and Screening Soccer Film Festival
First Annual Viva Las Vegas Film Fest
Secret Life of Anthology Film Archives
The Portland Underground Film Festival
Reelheart International Film Festival
P.U.F.F Short Films Program
Taiwanese Film Festival
Films of Sami Van Ingen
3rd Annual BrickFlix Film Festival
Boncho Billy Silent Film Festival
Toronto Beaches Film Festival
Newfilmmakers Summer Fest 2012
Newfilmmakers Present Two Feature Presentations
Newfilmmakers Documentary Series
The American Experience Short Films
24 Hour Film Race
Newfilmmakers Annual Fourth of July Celebration
Scary Cow Film Festival
Phantom Museums: The Short Films of the Quay Brothers
48 Hour Film Project: Best of San Diego
The Story of Film: An Odyssey Part 3 of 8
Bob L'Éponge: Le Film (2004)
Honolulu Surf Film Festival
Toronto After Dark Film Festival
Story of Film: An Odyssey Part 2 of 8
Short Cuts a Quarterly Short Film Series
Downtown Film Festival Los Angeles
The Soul United Film Festival
Frozen Film Fest: Best Green Documentaries of 2012
Frozen Film Fest: Best Animation of 2012
Frozen Film Fest: Best Youth Film of 2012
Frozen Film Fest: X-Band Transmission: A Paranormal Research Documentary
Frozen Film Fest: Best Experimental Films of 2012
Frozen Film Fest: Short Doc Program No. 2
Frozen Film Fest: Best Sci-Fi, Westerns, Horror and War Shorts of 2012
Frozen Film Fest: Best Dramatic Short Films of 2012
Frozen Film Fest: Best Surf and Skate Films of 2012
Frozen Film Fest: Donkey Love
Alfred Hitchcock Film Festival
Indiana Black Expo Film Festival
Story of Film: An Odyssey Part 3 of 8
Frozen Film Festival
Roll Your Own: Independent Animation Film Festival
Guerrilla Film Festival & Awards
Long Island International Film Festival
Worldwide Short Film Festival
Newfilmmakers Presents Its College Screening Program
Indianapolis International Film Festival
Filmusik: Modern Times
Maine International Film Festival
San Diego International Childrens Film Festival
Soundings: Films of James Herbert
Film Ist. 7-12
Cinema Q Film Festival
Films of Maya Deren
Films of Hollis Frampton
International Children's Film Festival
Kids Short Film Party Mix
Silver Creek's Seventh Annual Fly Fishing Film Festival
Gene Kelly: Changing the Look of Dance on Film
The Best of the Bicycle Film Fest
Story of Film: An Odyssey Marathon
Cutout Fest - International Animation Film Festival Mexico
The Story of Film: An Odyssey 12, 13 and 14
Free Kids Film Series
Newfilmmakers Presents New Films
San Francisco Jewish Film Festival
48 Hour Film Project: Group B
48 Hour Film Project: Group C
48 Hour Film Project: Group D
Hunger Games: Le Film (2012)
Short Films: Birds of a Feather
Short Films: Once Upon a Time
The Short Films of Maya Deren
Doghouse Reliy Films
SMFA Student Films
The Story of Film: An Odyssey Episode 1-8
Baton Rouge Irish Film Festival
The Story of Film: An Odyssey Part 6 of 8
Eurocrime! The Italian Cop and Gangster Films That Ruled the '70s
2012 Rochester Teen Film Festival
Free Family Film Festival
Rare Films From the Baseball Hall of Fame
Hi Sk8 Films - A Hawaii Skate Film Series
48 Hour Film Project: Group A
Kids First! Film Festival
Canyon Cinema Film Festival
Festival Short Films
Deep Roots Music Film Festival
2012 Eye on Video Film Festival
Three Stooges Film & Shorts
Film Slam 8
Short Film Showcase
Horror Film Festival
Atheist Film Festival
Highlighting the Outfest Legacy Project: Three Films
Videograss Snowboarding Film
48 Hour Film Project
48 Hour Film Project: Best of DSM
Three Films by John Killacky
Dead on Film Zombie Competition
Sacramento Film and Music Festival Summerfest
Cinekids International Film Series
The Joe We Know: A Film Celebrating Joe Paterno
The Manzanar Fishing Club Film Festival
Columbia Gorge International Film Festival
North Carolina Gay & Lesbian Film Festival
2012 Colorado Independent Women of Film
Filmusik: Metropolis
Wake Up Film Festival
Neversets Film Festival
2012 Chinese Film Festival
New Faces of Independent Film
Queer Film Festival
Vancouver Queer Film Festival
Personal & Political Short Films by Fred Marx
Arab Film Making After the Arab Springs
Short Films by Ira Sachs
Silent Films
Best of the 48 Hour Film Project
Reel Film Festival
Don't Follow Me, I'm Lost: A Film About Bobby Bare Jr.
John Cage on Film
Latin American Film Festival
Docuwest Film Festival
Banff Mountain Film Festival 2012
Los Angeles Independent Film Festival
Lance Bangs: Immortal Volume Music Films 1990-2010
Plympton Short Films
Martha's Vineyard International Film Festival
Pixar Short Films
New Young Filmmakers
Indie Film Festival
Australian Short Film Today
Wild Scenic Film Festival
Lebanese Short Film Festival
Blue Revue Sexy Film Festival
Radical Reels Film Festival
Cincinnati Film Festival
North Louisiana Gay and Lesbian Film Festival Shorts Program
Toronto International Film Festival
Spark Animation Film Festival
Film Noir
Le Festival des Films de 60 Secondes de Montreal
Denver Film Society 35th Anniversary Party
Further Film Festival
2012 San Francisco Latino Film Festival
M60: Le Festival des Films de 60 Secondes de Montreal
Short Films of Robert Schaller
Cans Film Festival
Wild and Scenic Film Festival
Zombie Research Society Short Film
ISEA 2012 Filmmakers Showcase
Andrew Sarris: Fragments on Film
Emerging Filmmakers Project
Cinema Diverse: GLBT Film Festival
Naperville Independent Film Festival
GLBT Film Festival
Newburyport Film Festival Shorts Program
The Gathering: A Film & Music Festival
FM LGBT Film Festival
2012 SLC Film Fest
Youth Film
Project Twenty1 Film and Animation Festival
WNDX: Winnipeg's Festival of Film & Video Art
Blue Ocean Film Festival
Berlin and Beyond Film Festival
Marvel Les Avengers: Le film (2012)
The Renegades: American Avant-Garde Film 1960-1973
Radical Reels Film Tour
Free Forgive Me Film-a-Thon
Cristian Nemescu Short Films
The Calgary International Film Festival
2 Short Films
Jackpot Records Music Film Festival
Film Brothers Festival of Shorts
Le Festival International du Film Black de Montreal
Ldub Film Festival
Chicago Horror Film Festival
Three Corpse Circus Independent Film Festival
India Film Festival
Stardust: Films of the Hidden Universe
Serbian Film Festival Screening Series
Vancouver Retro Film Fest
Bikes on Film Series
Tri State Film Festival
9th Annual Irish Film Festival
Irish Reels Film Festival
Olympia Film Festival Preview Night
Equality Film Fest
Location, Location, Location: The Future of Film in a Geotagged World
Horrible Imaginings Film Festival
Short Film Festival
Youth Film Festival
South Asian Film Festival
Reel Rock Film Tour
American Experimental Films 1
Portland Lesbian & Gay Film Festival
Treepot Indie Short Film Festival
Marvel Les Avengers: Le film 3D (2012)
15th Annual Manhattan Short Film Festival
Reel Recovery Film Festival
Newfilmmakers Present Fall Fest 2012
Manhattan Short Film Festival
Seattle Latino Film Festival
The Story of Film: An Odyssey With Mark Cousins
Passive House California Film Festival
Seattle Erotic Arts Short Film
2012 Canton Film Festival
Film Block 1
Film Block 2
Northampton International Film Festival
Maelstrom International Film Festival
Films of Nathaniel Dorsky
Films of Jean Pierre Melville and Catherine Breillat
Creole Film Festival
Expressions of Self: New Films by Doug Ischar
La Casa del Ritmo: A Film About Los Amigos Invisibles
Newfilmmakers Presents Documentary Night
Newfilmmakers Presents Latino and Other Films
Films of Tony Conrad
CTD Film Festival
The Hamptons International Film Festival
Films of Chantal Akerman and Philippe Garrel
Monument Film
Newfilmmakers Presents Sci-Fi and Horror Films
Thalia Film Club: Fall Sneak Preview 2
Film Slam
Edmonton Film School Films
Reel Rock Film Tour 2012
Short Films by Rose Lowder
Polish Film Fest Documentary Prog 1
Little Terrors Film Festival
Tacoma Film Festival
German Film Festival
Kansas International Film Festival
American Experimental Films 2
Gotham Screen International Film Festival
Reel Rocks Film Tour
United Film Festival
The Manhattan Short Film Festival 2012
Newfilmmakers Presents Matt Harrison's My Little Hollywood
Erin Film Festival
Arab Film Festival
Vancouver International Film Festival
Sacramento Gay and Lesbian Film Festival
The Woodstock Film Festival
Mill Valley Film Festival
Pink Film Program 2
New Hampshire Film Festival
Syracuse International Film and Video Festival
Mosaic Film Experience
Newfilmmakers Presents New Polish Films and Then Films
Newfilmmakers Presents its Web Series and New Feature Film Playground of Dreams
Mexican Film Double Feature
Zompire: The Undead Film Festival
Samuel Fuller Independent Filmmaker
The Story of Film: An Odyssey Episodes 5 and 6
The Story of Film: An Odyssey Episodes 3 and 4
Brazilian Film and Television Festival
A Day of Chicago Firsts: Three New Feature Films
2012 Bucks Fever Filmfest
A3C Short Films
9th Annual Bendfilm Festival
Huntington's Society Special Film Presentation
Jordan Benson Films
Canadian International Documentary Film Festival
The Story of Film: Parts 1 & 2
Southern Film Festival Package
Polish Film Fest Animation Program
Led Zeppelin in Concert: Rare Films 1968-1980
Open Captioned Performance Selected Film - Mon. & Tues.
The Spooky Movie Film Festival
Portland Latin American Film Festival
RIFE - Reel Independent Film Extravaganza
AK in Film Week Movie
The Listing River Film Festival
Short Films
Flicker Film Festival
Williamstown Film Festival
A Short Film About the Indio Nacional
Philadelphia Film Festival
Hollywood Film Festival
Projecting Hope Film Festival
Seattle Lesbian and Gay Film Festival
Pocono Mountains Film Festival
Lunafest Film Festival
Best of New York International Children's Film Festival Shorts
Greater Hartford Children's Latino Film Festival
Kubrick's Odyssey: Secrets Hidden in the Films of Stanley Kubrick; Part One: Kubrick and Apollo
Unspoken Human Rights Film Festival
Macedonian Film Festival
The Story of Film Odyssey; Parts 7 and 8
The Story of Film: Parts 3 & 4
The Story of Film: Parts 5 & 6
FilmColumbia Festival 2012
Seattle Polish Film Festival
Colby Films
And Winter Slow and Other Short Films
Antonioni's Short Films
Santa Fe Independent Film Festival
The 14th Annual Celluloid Bainbridge Film Festival
Independent Film Series
The Story of Film: An Odyssey Parts 4-6
16mm Films by Leighton Pierce
The Story of Film: An Odyssey Parts 7-9
The Films of Phil Solomon
Film School Confidential (2006)
Jordan Belson: Films Sacred and Profane
Local Film Festival
Rare Movies From the National Film Registry
Intimate Portraits: Films of Ute Aurand
United Nations Film Festival
Ekran Polish Film Festival
Portland Humanist Film Festival
Story of Film: An Odyssey Part 3
2012 Sylvia Plath Symposium Film Program
Films of George and Mike Kuchar
The Quickies: Good Vibrations Erotic Short Film Competition
Mel Brooks' Comedy Film Spoof of Frankenstein
Bleedingham Film Festival
Pink Latino Film Festival
Certifiably Yours: New Films From the NWFC School of Film
7th Annual Student Horror Film Festival
Films of George Melies
The Greater Reading Film Festival
Fake Flesh Film Fest
Earshot Jazz Film Festival
2nd Annual Halloween Film Fest
Short Chills & Thrills Film Fest
Student Film Festival
Story of Film 5-6
Newfilmmakers Begins its Fourteenth Annual Film Series
Greek Film Festival
Gaze Film Festival
The Cotelette Film
Shorty Shorts Queer Film Festival
Films by Various Directors
A Literary Confession: Films by Chris Kraus
Mt. Hood Independent Film Festival
Short Film Program
Chicago International Childrens Film Festival
Moving Images Film Festival
Serbian Film Festival
Shuswap Film Festival
Salt Lake City Film Festival
Amnesty International Film Festival
Diaspora Film Festival
The Story of Film: An Odyssey Episodes 9 & 10
Free French Film Weekend
Story of Film Episodes 7 & 8
My Other Me: A Film About Cosplayers
Panel Discussion: Florida Filmmaking
Virginia Peninsula Jewish Film Festival
Canadian Forces Memorial Film Festival
Open Captioned Performance - Selected Film - Daily
Native American Indian Film Festival
Whistler Film Festival Society: MPPIA Short Film Award Launch Event
Films of John Smith
SNOB Film Festival
Noor Film Festival
The Short Films of Jim Blashfield
LA Comedy Film Festival
MCCC Five Day Film Fest
Indigenous Film Festival
Reel Asian Film Festival
LGBT Film Festival
Buried Alive Film Festival
The Best of the New York International Children's Film Festival
San Diego Italian Film Festival
North Bend Mountain Film Festival
Color Me Obsessed: A Film About the Replacements
Dark Bridges Film Festival
Seattle Shorts Film Festival
All Ages: The Boston Hardcore Film
The Story of Film: An Odyssey Episodes 7 & 8
3rd Annual Flatbush Film Festival
The Ballet Films
An Evening of Independent Film
Jean Rouch Program 7: Films About Jean Rouch
Story of Film Episodes 9 & 10
Living Dead Film Fest
Spook Show Convention and Film Festival
19th Annual Ann Arbor Polish Film Festival Documentary Shorts
Closing Films
Iron Filmmaker
The Best of Rio Grand Film Festival
Shortstack Family Films
Long Island Gay and Lesbian Film Festival
Story of Film: Odyssey 9 and 10
Film Portraits by Ute Aurand
Film Club
Buffalo Film Seminar
Jazz on Film: Treme at 200
Ski Films
Lions of Czech Film
Jacques Tati Short Films
Play it Again: Greatest Hits by University of Arizona Filmmakers
Black Hills Film Festival
International Film Festival
Vancouver Jewish Film Festival
Fort Lauderdale International Film Festival
Three Rivers Film Festival
Polish Films Festival
Three River Film Festival
Daytona Beach Film Festival
Film 101
AFI European Union Film Showcase
Animating Dark Dreams: The Films of Jan Svankmajer
Jewish Film Festival
Siren Nation Film Festival
St. Louis International Film Festival
Underground Film Series
The Story of Film: An Odyssey Part 4 of 8
Zombie Feast 5 Film Festival
Reel Awareness Human Rights Film Festival
29th Annual Film Festival
The Story of Film: Part 3
Bookstalls: Film Poetry and Performance in Celebration of Joseph Cornell
Vintage Vancouver: Archival Films From the Vancouver City Archives
The 21st Annual Brouhaha Film & Video Showcase
North Bend Mountain Film Series Reel Rocks Tour
Family Friendly Films
Polish Film Festival
Hungarian Film Festival
Toronto 48 Hour Film Project: Premiere Short Film Screenings
The Best Shorts From the Viva Cinema Latino Film Festival
Cine-World Film Festival
Short Story Film Showcase
Les Simpson, le film
48 Hour Film Festival
Grindhouse Film Festival
European Union Film Festival
Films of Billy Wilder
Fall 2012 Film & Animation Showcase
Madame Winger Makes a Film: A Survival Guide for the 21st Century
The Story of Film: An Odyssey Part 5 of 8
Linotype: The Film
Early Films of Gunvor Nelson
The Story of Film: An Odyssey Parts 11 and 12
Turkish Short Film Finalists
A Renegade's Influence: Films From the Collection Selected by Sally Dixon
Miami Short Film Festival
Story of Film Episode 15
The Story of Film: An Odyssey, Part 8
The 90-Second Newberry Film Festival
Arpa International Film Festival
A Film for Friends
Sacred Journeys Film Festival
WonderRoot's Local Filmmakers' Night
Hollywood Reel Independent Film Festival
The Boston Turkish Festival's Documentary and Short Film Competition
William Burroughs Cut-Up Films
Banff Mountain Film Festival
The Story of Film: An Odyssey Parts 13 and 14
Patagonia's Wild and Scenic Film Festival
The Story of Film: Part 13, 14, and 15
Films of Roger Wilson
The Story of Film
Student Films
Mountainfilm Festival
Good Morning Matinee and Film Forum
Sigur Ros: The Valtari Mystery Film Experiment
New Films by Ernie Gehr
Oddball Film and Video Presents Christmas Mess
Oddball Film and Video Presents: The Subject is Sex
Around the World With Children's Film Festival Seattle 2012
Goeth-Institute German Film Series: Barbara
Light Assembly Short Films
Foodie Film Fest
The Banff Mountain Film Festival World Tour 2012
A Century Ago: Films of 1912
Film Kitchen
The Story of Film: An Odyssey Part 15
The Man Who Left His Will on Film
Student Short Film Program One
What's Up Docs? Short Documentaries From UA Film Students
Nick Peterson: Films New and Old
Newfilmmakers Presents Our Annual Christmas Show
Student Short Film Program 2
Found Footage Film Festival
Borscht Film Festival
Wassail and Waffles Holiday Family Film Series
Family Film Sunday
LA EigaFest 2012: A Japanese Film Festival
International Festival of Films on Art 1
International Festival of Films on Art 2
From Giotto to Pasolini: Narrative in Fresco and Film
Dickens on Film
Adrian Wootton On Dickens and Film
SJSU Student Short Film Festival
Mile High Sci Fi Free Secret Apocalypse Film
The Story of Film: An Odyssey, Part 7
Richard Gutierrez Films
Le Lutin - Les Films en Famille
One Shot Film Challenge
One Shot Films
Three Stooges Film Festival
Best of the Sundance Short Film Program
Red Rock Film Festival Shorts
Tamil Film
The Story of Film: An Odyssey Parts 1-3
Bugs Bunny Film Festival
The Poison Peach Film Festival
Roy Lichtenstein on Film
Houston Film Critics Society Best of 2012 Awards
Apocalypse: A Bill Callahan Tour Film
Local Filmmaker's Night
Rolling Deep: Skateboarding Films 1965-80
Sundance Film Festival Shorts
Washington Jewish Film Festival
Story of Film: An Odyssey Part 4
The Story of Film: An Odyssey, Part 6
The Story of Film: Part 5
Search and Rescue Film Selections
Cannes Film Festival
SYRCL Wild & Scenic Film Festival
An Evening With Jerry Lewis: The Total Filmmaker
Portage International Film Festival
Toronto Film Society
Five Short Films About Animals
Banff Film Festival
Thalia Film Club
Telluride Mountain Film Program
Nordic Lights Film Festival
Telluride Mountainfilm on Tour
School of Film Student Screening
San Diego Italian Film Festival Monthly Screening
Best of Rural Route Film Festival
Black Arts, Black Artists: Short Films
Nicholas Sparks' Safe Haven: Filmmakers, Author and Stars Live
Igor Drljaca Short Films
Pine Mountain Film Series
The Films of Franciszka and Stefan Themerson
2013 Science Fiction and Fantasy Short Film Festival
Shuswap Film Society
2013 Iris Film Festival
King: A Filmed Record... Montgomery to Memphis
Tongues Untied True Tales Told: African American Women Changing the Picture in Film and Television
Telluride Mountainfilm Festival
99 Percent: The Occupy Wall Street Collaborative Film
Best of the BANFF Festival of Mountain Films
Newfilmmakers Program
The Story of Film: An Odyssey Part 1
Reel Feminism: A Feminist Film Series
Sundance Film Festival
Foreign Film Series With Shelly Isaacs
The Human Rights Watch Film Festival
J.U.M.P. Winter Film Fest
The Story of Film: An Odyssey Parts 10-12
6th Annual Bollywood Film Festival
Mostly British Film Festival
Children's Film Series
Notre Dame Student Film Festival
Stepping Through Heaven: The Personal Films of Danielle Sturk
Sparta Produced by 72 Hour Films
Thomas Ince Silent Films
The Best of New York International Children's Film Festival Kid Flix Mix
Human Rights Watch Film Festival Screening
Season III Thalia Film Club: Winter Sneak Preview 2
Back Country Film Festival
The Story of Film: Part 2
Newfilmmakers Presents Its College Film Program and a Comedy Marathon
St. Mary's Academy Film Festival
Children's Film Festival Seattle
Cascade Festival of African Films
2001: A Space Odyssey - Digital Film Festival
Hal Hartley Short Films
Local Filmmakers Showcase
Austin Film Festival
The Story of Film: An Odyssey Parts 13-15
Films of Peggy Ahwesh and Joe Gibbons
Screenagers: 15th Annual Bay Area High School Film and Video Film Festival
New Jersey Film Festival Spring 2013
PDX African American Film Festival
11th Annual San Francisco Film Noir Festival
We Rise Above: Short Films on Human Rights
Amici Chamber Ensemble: Silent Film & Music
The Films of Olivia Wyatt
African American Youth Film Festival
The Black Maria Film Festival
Academy Award Nominated Live-Action Short Films
Academy Award Nominated Animated Short Films
Film Festival
San Francisco Independent Film Festival
No Films Showing Today
Victoria Film Festival
Vancouver International Mountain Film Festival
The Oscar Nominated Short Films 2009: Live Action
The Oscar Nominated Short Films 2009: Animated
The Matrix - Digital Film Festival
Foreign Film With Shelly Isaacs
Banff Film Mountain Film Festival World Tour
This Is Not a Film (2011)
The Oscar Nominated Short Films 2012: Animated
The Oscar Nominated Short Films 2012: Live Action
Story of Film: An Odyssey Parts 3 & 4
The Story of Film: An Odyssey Part 3
The Oscar Nominated Short Films 2013: Live Action
The Oscar Nominated Short Films 2013: Animated
A Night With Nicholas Sparks' Safe Haven: Filmmakers, Author and Stars Live (2013)
The Oscar Nominated Short Films 2013: Documentary
Black Art Black Artists Short Films
Free Radicals: A History of Experimental Film (2012)
Oscar Nominated Short Films 2013: Documentary Program A
Oscar Nominated Short Films 2013: Documentary Program B
Short Films by Winston Washington Moxam
Oscar Nominated Short Films 2013
Acclaimed Foreign Films

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